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Does Oscar Die in On My Block? How Did He Die & Who Killed Him?

Since its debut on Netflix in 2018, On My Block has been one of the service’s most popular shows, with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 95%. The show followed a group of high school students and their families who lived in the fictitious Los Angeles neighborhood of Freeridge.

As we’ve seen in previous episodes of On My Block, not every character survives, and fans learned the hard way with Oscar.
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At the start of season 4, our favorite former Santos leader, aka Spooky, appeared to have finally turned his life around.

Oscar began a new life away from the gang, complete with a loving fiancée, a steady career, and a baby on the way. However, as we all know, the block never forgets your past.

Oscar had a massive mark on his back as a former member of the Santos, and it only took one tiny breakdown in a transaction with the other gangs around Freeridge for him to end up in danger. So, what happened to Oscar exactly?

Everything you need to know about Oscar’s fate in On My Block is right here.

Does Oscar Die in On My Block?

Oscar “Spooky” Diaz does die tragically in season 4 of “On My Block.“In episode 5, the character’s fate is decided. This is when Oscar is getting ready to move to Portland. Oscar even asks his younger brother Cesar to come with him and Isabel to start a new life away from the gang violence they’ve known their whole lives.
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Does Oscar Die in On My Block

Oscar goes outside to call Isabel and grab some tequila from the moving van to celebrate, but his call is cut off when he hears a car coming. He quickly tells Isabel he loves her and hangs up. Cesar hears gunshots from inside the house.

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He runs outside and finds his brother lying on the ground. Oscar’s killer is never shown, but Ray tells Cesar that Oscar was “in the life.” With the tension between Freeridge’s gangs getting worse, anyone could have wanted Oscar dead.

How Did Oscar Die?

Cesar decided at the last minute to go see his brother and leave with him. Oscar was shot and left for dead in his front yard just as the two were about to celebrate. Oscar looked at Cesar and smiled right before he died. Cesar was with him at that time.

Who Was the Killer?

Cesar worked hard to find out who killed his brother, but the truth is that fans never found out who did it. Cesar decided to leave Santos after talking about his brother’s new life with his father and some of his friends.
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Does Oscar Die in On My Block

He found out that Oscar had already made things right with the gang. With a new outlook on life, Cesar decided to move to Portland to go to college and help raise his future niece.

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In On My Block, Who Plays Oscar?

Julio Macias

Julio Arturo Macas is a Mexican actor who was born on March 20, 1990. After a few small roles, Macias got his big break as Oscar Diaz on the comedy-drama show On My Block (2018–2021), for which he was nominated for two Imagen Awards. In the biographical drama Selena: The Series, he also played the singer and songwriter Pete Astudillo (2020–2021).

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