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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu host Nagarjuna assures to help Gangavva with a new house, Gangavva quits Bigg Boss due to health reasons

Gangavva’s hope to build a new house has come true.
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Gangavva, who entertained the audience for 5 weeks at Bigg Boss House, left Bigg Boss house due to illness.
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Host Nagarjuna frees her from Bigg Boss House as Gangavva is in tears that she is not able to stay here as her health is not cooperating.

Nagarjuna Requested Bigg Boss to send Gangavva out after seeing her health reports. Gangavva happily came out of the Bigg Boss house after getting permission from the Bigg Boss.
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However, Nagarjuna fulfilled Gangavva’s dream of building a new house, soon after returning from Bigg Boss House. Nagarjuna promised that Gangava would go to Bigg Boss House if there was any need. Gangavva, what do you want ?? King Nagarjuna said that it is his responsibility to build her house. “You build a house, You can even lock the house after it is built. There is no need to tie the ropes now. Let’s build Gangavva’s house.” Nagarjuna promised Gangavva as a witness of the Bigg Boss applauds Nagarjuna’s efforts. With Nagarjuna promising a new home with millions of spectators witness, it seems certain that Gangavva will move into a new home very soon.

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