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Suresh Chakravarthy speaks about groupism in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil, is he getting cornered?

Bigg Boss has given a new task to the contestants for the day. A total of eight contestants were selected as ineligible to stay in the Bigg Boss house at the end of last week’s ‘path travelled’ task, except Suresh Chakravarthy seven of them were officially added to the nomination list this week. Those eight contestants were given a chance to get an eviction free pass as a part of today’s task. The contestant who receives it can no longer be evicted even in the coming weeks. A promo video was released about this eviction free pass and this is the first time such a task is introduced in the history of Bigg Boss.

According to the task, Eliminate each of these eight contestants and eventually only one contestant can get that pass. Speaking on the task, Suresh Chakravarthy came out angrily claiming that he was cornered by a group of others. Rio then angrily talks to him about it as shown in the new promo video that has just been released. After an argument between Rio and Suresh Chakravarthy yesterday, today he is again targeting Suresh Chakravarthy and asking some questions.

Rio asks Suresh “You say there is groupism in this house, please show us.” Sanam adds fuel to the fire saying that this is the beginning of the game.
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Suresh who didnot enjoy getting cornered walks way which makes Rio even more angry as he taps on the sofa.
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We will have to wait and watch on what happens in tonight’s episode.
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