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Wild Card contestant VJ Archana gives titles to contestants based on their performance, what title will Suresh Chakravarthy get?

There will always be a new excitement when a wild card entree comes to the Bigg Boss house. The reason for that is that beyond the expectation of what she is going to do, they are more likely to tell the contestants inside what the reaction of the audience outside is.

Archana has indirectly conveyed the reaction of the fans to the other contestants in a task. They were told to give them a title based on the character of the contestants.

She first gave the title ‘No Comments Simply Waste’ to Balaji Murugadoss. Archana has given Shivani the title of Atmosphere Artist, Ramya Pandian the Challenging Competitor and Anita the title ‘BB4 Trending’. But Archana has said that what she gave to Anita was not positive.

She has given the title of ‘Ama Sami’ to Nisha and the title of ‘Namuthu Pona Pattasu’ to Sanam Shetty. Thus it is expected that the big debate about this will take place at the Bigg Boss house today.

In another promo video released this morning, Archana was seen speaking in a derogatory manner to her main rival Suresh Chakravarthy. So there is an expectation of what title Archana will give him. What it is will be revealed only when the show airs tonight.

And there is an expectation among the fans that Archana will be a challenging competitor. There is also a discussion on social media about how Suresh Chakraborty is going to deal with her in the upcoming days.

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