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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Voting: Nomination list for Week 3 eviction, who will get voted out?

The Bigg Boss 4th season show is currently entering its third week. Rekha was evicted in the first elimination last week. Rekha was sent away in tears by the other contestants. The number of rivals has dropped from 17 to 16 since she was ousted.

Following that, the nomination for this week was held at the Bigg Boss House on Monday. It was said that no one could nominate Sanam Shetty and Velmurugan as they both won last week’s task. As well as being the first week for Archana, no one can nominate her either. Rio cannot be nominated as he is the captain of the house this week. It was suggested that any two of the remaining 12 contestants should be nominated.

Most of the contestants nominated Aari and Suresh Chakravarthy. Arai is always giving advice, hence contestants nominated him for eviction.

Suresh Chakravarthy continues to create controversy and hence some of the contestants blamed that there would definitely be a problem where he is, and there will always be negativity around him.

A total of 9 people nominated Aari. Similarly, 9 people nominated Suresh Chakravarthy. Along with them, Ajith, Anita Sampath, and Balaji Murugadoss have been added to the nomination list. Details of the number of votes registered against them.

  • Aari – 9
  • Suresh – 9
  • Ajith – 5
  • Anitha – 4
  • Balaji Murugadoss – 2

It remains to be seen which of these five will be eliminated. Discussions about this are also taking place through social websites. Suresh Chakravarthy is said to have a lot of support, and he is not likely to leave.

Many have been posting on Twitter that only one of the other four is likely to leave. Ajith and Balaji, in particular, are predicted to get fewer votes. Although Kamal has announced that Ajith will probably be eliminated, there is a chance that Ajith will be back home using his eviction free pass. Maybe this week will go without elimination if that happens.

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      Both might get saved this week

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    Aari brother

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    airi is my favorite hero in movie

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    Bala is a great contestant

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