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Ghost of Tsushima Multiple Endings: How To Find the Good and Bad Conclusion in The Ghost of Tsushima

Developers Sucker Punch Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment are behind the action-adventure game Ghost of Tsushima. Jin Sakai, a samurai on a mission to preserve Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan, is at the helm of this open-world adventure.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 special edition of the game, was released on August 20, 2021, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

It was nominated for numerous awards and won several, but was criticised for its open-world concept. By January 2022, 8 million copies of Ghost of Tsushima had been sold. In the works: a film version of the novel.


Jin Sakai (Daisuke Tsuji/Kazuya Nakai) is the chief of Clan Sakai and a samurai fighter, and the protagonist of the film. Lord Shimura (Eric Steinberg/Akio tsuka), the jit of Tsushima, has him as a nephew and ward.

Yuna (Sumalee Montano/Yu Mizuno) and her blacksmith brother Taka (Eddie Shin/Kappei Yamaguchi), a female warrior named Lady Masako Adachi (Lauren Tom/Mabuki Ando), renowned Kyd archer Sensei Sadanobu Ishikawa (François Chau/Shigeru Chiba),

merchant and con-artist Kenji, Buddhist warrior monk Norio (Earl T. Kim/Mitsuaki Kanuki), Clan Sakai’s elderly caretaker Yurik Khotun Khan (Patrick Gallagher/Tsutomu Isobe), the Mongol Empire’s cruel and crafty general and cousin of Kublai Khan and Genghis Khan’s grandson, is the main enemy.

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Multiple Events: How To Find the Good and Bad Conclusion in The Ghost of Tsushima

ghost of tsushima multiple endings

How to Achieve the Good Ending in Ghost of Tsushima

There are no clear good or bad outcomes, however, the best outcome for Ghost of Tsushima is probably not killing Lord Shimura.

It all depends on whether you decide to kill or spare Lord Shimura at the end of Ghost of Tsushima.

Insofar as Lord Shimura asks for an honourable death, the conclusion is morally dubious. And Jin would be the one to bring this honourable death to an end.

While the Samurai code suggests that killing Shimura is a good conclusion, Jin himself argues that it is a less compassionate decision.

Jin argues that if you don’t kill Shimura, “he will not kill his family,” which indicates that this is the right and humane thing to do.

Shimura’s concluding words, “The Ghost shall be sought,” evoke memories of Gary Oldman’s farewell monologue in “The Dark Knight.”

Tsushima’s Mystery Has a Terrible End

Ghost of Tsushima has an unfavourable ending, despite the fact that it isn’t clearly wicked.

Because Lord Shimura was killed rather being spared, this Ghost of Tsushima horrible ending is a result of this.

If you opt to comply with Jin’s wish for a dignified death, the two of you will share a final emotional moment on his knees.

Shimura will be remembered as a “great warrior, a wise commander, and a parent,” according to Jin. Afterwards, Shimura thanks his son and tells Jin to look for him in the hereafter, expressing his gratitude to him.

In light of this conclusion, the aforementioned statements evoke a range of emotions. The fact that you’re putting the life of a beloved family member at risk is sad, but it’s also what he wants and believes in.

In the end, Shimura and Jin are on excellent terms, so it’s not like Jin’s death leaves Shimura with any unresolved bitterness.

It’s up to you to determine which of the two endings you prefer, as neither one is a clear-cut good or terrible choice.


ghost of tsushima multiple endings

Khatun Khan leads a Mongol invasion of Tsushima, Japan, in 1274. The island’s samurai are led by local samurai Lord Jin Sakai and his uncle Lord Shimura in an effort to repel the invaders. It’s a bloodbath; Shimura is taken prisoner, and Jin is gravely injured and left for dead as a result of the battle.

A thief named Yuna finds him and revives him, informing him that the island has fallen. While on his way to Castle Kaneda to rescue Shimura, Jin runs with Khotun, who defeats him and throws him down the bridge, but he survives.

While on the island in search of new allies, Jin also learns the art of guerilla warfare to help defeat the Mongols. Ryuzo and his Straw Hat rnin include Yuna’s blacksmith brother Taka, Kenji, Sadanobu Ishikawa, the female samurai Masako Adachi, and Ryuzo’s old comrade and mercenary Ryuzo.

The people of the island begin to venerate Jin as “The Ghost,” a samurai ghost risen against the Mongols when Jin disturbs Mongol activity and liberates communities. Jin and his comrades scale the walls of Castle Kaneda with the help of a grappling hook made by Taka.

Ryuzo and the Straw Hats betray Jin to collect the bounty set by Khotun, who is destitute and famished. Shimura is freed and Castle Kaneda is retaken by Jin. While they were victorious, Khotun and Ryuzo have already set out to take Castle Shimura.

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