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The Upshaws Season 2 Release Date: Why Bennie and Regina Will Fight?

THE UPSHAWS SEASON 2 Release Date: Wanda Sykes and Regina Hicks created the Netflix Original comedic series The Upshaws.

Sykes is well-known for her stand-up comedy, both on and off the stage, and she has many Netflix stand-up comedy specials. Hicks is a producer that has worked on shows such as Sister and Girlfriends.

The Upshaws, a working-class African-American family in Indiana, try their hardest to make ends meet without a plan.

Bennie, the charming and lovable family patriarch, is frequently at odds with his sister-in-law Lucretia, who only tolerates Bennie’s pranks for the benefit of her sister.

What To Know About THE UPSHAWS SEASON 2?


Upshaw’s is a sequence sitcom that Netflix has shown interest in renewing. The crew appeared to be considerably more optimistic about generating the second season after receiving the anticipated response from the first.

With experienced Wanda Sykes and Regions Hicks as the key initiators who produced this series, netizens may expect the team to come up to their expectations.

The Upshaws is based on a working-class family with two main protagonists, Bennie and Regina, who do their hardest but fail due to a lack of a futuristic blueprint, resulting in a conflict.

While Regina is evicting Bennie from their home due to the dispute, he resolves the situation by pouring out his feelings and unconditional love, but it was all too short-lived.

What Will Be THE UPSHAWS SEASON 2 Storyline?

The comedy follows the titular working-class family through their life in Indianapolis, led by Mike Epps as patriarch Bennie Upshaw.

Bennie’s wife Regina is played by Kim Fields, and his ex-girlfriend Tasha is played by Gabrielle Dennis of Insecure.

In Season 2, Bennie will continue to raise his children with both women while under the careful eye of Lucretia, his caustic sister-in-law (co-creator Wanda Sykes).

Lucretia is a hard act to follow. Season 2 will feature eight half-hour episodes and will feature fresh romances, ghosts of old lovers, and enormous ambition.

The Upshaws have revealed the first 12 pictures from Season 2 of their show.

Bennie, Tasha, and their two girls (Khali Spraggins and Journey Christine) are shown singing cheerfully in their kitchen in one photograph. Take a seat, because you’ll want to be seated at this table come Season 2.

Which Cast Members will Return For THE UPSHAWS SEASON 2?


There won’t be any major cast changes in season 2 of The Upshaws, so fans shouldn’t be concerned.

If Netflix decides to renew “The Upshaws” for a second season, the whole core cast is likely to return. Bennie Upshaw, the patriarch and garage owner, is played by Mike Epps, while his wife, Regina, is played by Kim Fields. Lucretia Sykes, Regina’s sister and co-owner of Bennie’s garage, is Wanda Sykes.

Tasha Lewis (Gabrielle Dennis) is the mother of Bennie’s son, Kelvin (Diamond Lyons), who was conceived during Regina and Bennie’s split. Aaliyah Spraggins is Regina and Bennie’s eldest daughter, and she is similar in age to Kelvin.

Bernard Upshaw, Jr. is played by Jermelle Simon, Regina and Bennie’s oldest kid, whom they had while they were both in high school. Jr. is an adult who believes Bennie is a distant father.

Journey Christine plays Regina and Bennie’s youngest daughter, Maya Upshaw, and Page Kennedy plays Duck, Bennie’s best buddy who works at the garage and is recently released from prison. If the series is renewed, it’s also likely that Ayaamii Sledge will return, for the reasons listed below.

Season 2 is expected to bring back the following characters and faces:

  • Mike Epps – Bennie Upshaw
  • Kim Fields – Regina Upshaw
  • Diamond Lyons – Kelvin Upshaw
  • Wanda Sykes – Lucretia
  • Khali Spriggins – Aaliyah Upshaw
  • Page Kennedy – Duck
  • Journey Christine – Maya Upshaw
  • Michel Estime – Tony
  • Jermelle Simon – Bernard
  • Gabrielle Dennis – Tasha

What About THE UPSHAWS SEASON 2 Production Team?


“The Upshaws” is a brand new sitcom that is already capturing the hearts of viewers in its first season.

It fills a hole that has existed since the conclusion of the 1990s black sitcoms such as “Family Matters” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” according to The New York Times, as a “throwback sitcom with modern ideas” on such issues as romance, sexuality, and love.

The series is co-produced and co-starring stand-up comic Wanda Sykes (“The New Adventures of Old Christine,” “Bad Moms”), as well as sitcom legend Kim Fields (“The Facts of Life,” “Living Single”) and comic Mike Epps (“The New Adventures of Old Christine,” “Bad Moms”) (“Meet the Blacks,” “The Hangover” trilogy).

According to IGN, audience retention (how long a person watches an entire episode of a series and how many episodes they watch afterward), ownership (is the series owned by Netflix Studios, or was it produced by another studio and sold to Netflix? ), and licensing (are these characters from another popular media?) are all factors to consider.

In order for a show to be renewed on Netflix, it must be able to stand out among the other shows that the network is presently airing.

When you include production time, writing time, and editing time, as well as any safety precautions that may be necessary to protect the show’s actors and crew during the epidemic, it’s unlikely that a second season of “The Upshaws” will air until at least 2022, potentially late in the spring.


The Upshaws are returning to your television screen. On Wednesday, June 29, 2022, the family comedy will return for Part 1 of Season 2. Part 2’s launch date is still a closely guarded secret.

What is THE UPSHAWS SEASON 2 Episode Duration?

As Shadow and Act point out, this season has 16 episodes, up from the show’s first season’s ten.

The first eight 30-minute episodes will be released, followed by the final eight episodes at a later date. However, no specific release date for The Upshaws Season 2 Part 2 has been announced.

Meanwhile, you can watch the first season of The Upshaws on Netflix.

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With the premiere of The Upshaw, one of the few multi-cam sitcoms to receive a second season, Netflix appears to have found its stride in the sitcom sector. The new season will premiere on Netflix in late June 2022, following filming in late 2021 and early 2022.

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