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Hades Ending: It’s Time to Talk About Hades’ Staggering Ending!

Supergiant Games developed and published Hades, a roguelike action dungeon crawler computer game. It was launched in September 2020 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Nintendo Switch, following an early access release in December 2018. In August 2021, it was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Players take control of Zagreus, Hades’ son, as he seeks to escape the Underworld and reach Mount Olympus, sometimes with the help of gifts bestowed on him by the Olympians. Each run takes the player through a different set of chambers, each with its own set of foes and rewards.

The game employs a hack-and-slash combat system, in which the player uses a mix of their main weapon assault, a special attack, a dash ability, and a magic ability to fight enemies while avoiding harm in order to advance as far as possible.

While Zagreus will frequently perish, the player can improve particular qualities or earn new weapons and abilities to boost their chances of surviving on the following rounds.

Hades was a commercial and critical success, with over one million copies sold. It garnered widespread acclaim for its gameplay, art direction, soundtrack, narrative, and characters. It was named game of the year at various award ceremonies and media outlets and is regarded one of the top video games of 2020.

How to Unlock the True Ending in Hades

During your talk with Persephone, she will inform Zagreus that, like his father, Hades, he is bonded to the Underworld and that he cannot remain in the realm of the living, therefore the main hero will eventually become ill and be brought back to where he began.

According to ScreenRant, the King of the Underworld will have placed a Pact of Punishment on the window through which the hero escapes, which will add modifications to each level to make them more difficult.

The bounties for conquering the four bosses, however, are reset.

To get to the genuine ending of “Hades,” you must battle Hades repeatedly.

Talk to Persephone again after beating Hades and reaching Greece for the second time, and she will have a different dialogue, meaning you must defeat the final boss ten times to exhaust all of her possible monologues.

This can be gruelling, but on the tenth run, Hades will finally let Zagreus pass, and by the time you reach Persephone for the last time, she will tell you that it is time for her to return to the Underworld.

Zagreus and the goddess take Charon’s boat to the House of Hades, passing through the many realms of the Underworld, and Orpheus and Eurydice can be heard singing “In the Blood” as the credits roll.

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Getting to The Epilogue

hades ending

While some may feel it is the last option, there is still plenty of post-game stuff, including the Epilogue.

According to ShackNews, the prerequisites for unlocking the Epilogue are a little hazy, but in practise, players must first reach the true ending before continuing to play and beating the game until they reach Heat Level 8.

Also, seek for an exclamation point on Persephone’s head and interact with her for a new objective dialogue that unlocks the “Hades” Epilogue that many have been waiting for.

Some believe that having a strong bond with the Olympians can aid in Persephone’s discourse.

The Last Boss

As previously said, there isn’t much of a difference between early access and the final game, thus the last boss will remain Hades, Zagreus’ father, as before. After all, Zagreus has fought his way out of the Underworld, so it only makes right that he fights his father as the ultimate opponent.

However, even if you win in early access, Zagreus will be murdered and banished to the House of Hades, where he will have to continue his quest.

This is no longer the case in the “Hades” 1.0 release.

Zagreus will emerge from the Underworld and enter a new realm: Greece, if he wins.

There’s hardly much to do in Greece besides go fishing and talk to Persephone, Zagreus’ own mother, who is the only non-playable character in the area.

This is when things become a bit complicated.

The Final Chapter

hades ending

You’ll need to battle Hades eight more times to view the game’s true conclusion, and after each loss, pay a visit to your mother to learn more about her flight from the Underworld and why she never returned. Each time is finite, just like the first, as you finally succumb to the Underworld’s lure and find yourself back where you started.

On your tenth trip to the surface, though, you’ll notice that Hades is no longer present to stop you. You are free to move around and pay one more visit to your mother, who will consent to accompany you to the Underworld after a brief conversation.

As the credits roll, Charon, the boatman who runs the store you frequent throughout the game, takes the two of you a ride downriver back to Hades.

Hades is a difficult game, but the longer you play, the more you’ll be rewarded with wonderful story moments that make it all worthwhile. Even if you know how it all ends, it’s worth seeing for yourself.

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