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10 Best Comedy Actors of the 2000s: Which Is Your Favorite Actor?

We searched Hollywood history for the funniest comedic actors who have ever graced a screen for this list.

We’re looking for actors that have appeared in both feature films and television shows, but we’ve opted to leave talk show presenters and voice actors out.

This video is part of a series that spans decades.

10) Ricky Gervais

Nothing will make you smile from ear to ear more than this man’s laugh. Ricky Gervais enthralled the UK with his deadpan sitcom “The Office” over the span of just two series in the early part of the decade.

Although it started slowly, the rest of the world quickly caught on, including NBC executives.

Although his type of humor may offend some, his ability to focus on the human element – particularly the awkward human element – gives his performance a sense of universal truth.

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In other words, Gervais deftly examines the banal bits of life, and the seemingly insignificant details, and transforms them into the funniest things on the planet.

9) Dave Chappelle

Although he began his career in blockbusters like “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” and “Con Air,” few people had heard of Dave Chappelle when his Comedy Central series premiered in 2003, but it was clear that he was on his way to becoming the next great inventor of sketch comedy.

The D.C. native continuously upped the ante with cutting comments on the past, present, and future until his growing anxiety over the misrepresentation of black performers took a frightening turn.

As a result, Chappelle traveled to South Africa in 2005 and returned with a documentary titled “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party.
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” He followed his own set of principles, and as a result, he became one of the most well-known comics of his era.10 best comedy actors of the 2000s

8) Paul Rudd

By 2004, this man had established himself as a seasoned actor in cinema and television, but he was better recognized as “Oh that guy” than by his own name.

After the publication of “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,” in which Paul Rudd played a long-haired San Diego newsman enamored of his “Sex Panther” fragrance, that all changed.

His pleasant demeanor enhances even his most heinous deeds, and his frequent collaborations with Judd Apatow have resulted in all-out hilarious mayhem.

He’s the kind of person you’d like to have a beer with, and the kind of guy your girlfriend would dump you for if she had the chance.

7) Jack Black

Now, this is a man who always appears to be having a great time. From “High Fidelity” in 2000 to “Year One” in 2009, Jack Black has delivered a decade of flicks that have made us snort with amusement – despite ourselves.

His musical experience has given him a flair for the dramatic, and he’s a master at expressing his physical happiness with jerky body movements and guitar expressions that would make John Mayer crawl into a corner.

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He’s also known for his deadly cameo in “Anchorman.” While he’s killed several major parts with his balls-to-the-wall humor, he’s also recognized for his killer cameo in “Anchorman.
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6) Simon Pegg

Pegg’s celebrity surged when he co-wrote and appeared in Edgar Wright’s “Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy,” which he co-wrote and starred in after his short-lived but entertaining television series “Spaced.”

Following in the footsteps of a long tradition of British comedy surrealists, he thrived in Sci-Fi scenes with witty banter and an unassuming manner.

Simon Pegg, multi-talented and magnetically charismatic, has earned his place on our list, and we’d like to send a particular shout-out to his comedy partner, Nick Frost.10 best comedy actors of the 2000s

5) Sacha Baron Cohen

You were either a fan of HBO’s “Da Ali G Show” or you were trying to figure out what was going on back in 2003. And that’s Sacha Baron Cohen‘s strength: he’s a man of many faces who is always seeking a new humorous approach.

The ordinary American moviegoer was still unfamiliar with Baron Cohen’s approach when the 2006 mockumentary “Borat” opened theatres; that is unless you were a die-hard admirer of “Talladega Nights.”

This British actor set out to shock the film industry into submission, disregarding social standards! And he was successful.

4) Tina Fey

With her dead-on impersonation of Sarah Palin, she raised the bar for modern female comics and pierced the political realm.

Fey ventured out into cinema with the 2004 success “Mean Girls” before taking on another creative challenge: establishing a tiny show called “30 Rock” while concurrently serving as the chief writer and weekend update anchor at “Saturday Night Live.”

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Tina Fey has become one of the most potent comedic actors of the contemporary period – regardless of gender – thanks to her ability to connect with audiences through social satire and brilliant writing.

3) Steve Carell

He began the decade as a correspondent for “The Daily Show,” and after two famous roles in “Anchorman” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” he was set to star in the American remake of Ricky Gervais’ “The Office.”

Carell shined in the situation comedy as the slightly strange yet endearing office manager Michael Scott, thanks to excellent improvisations and a flair for exact comedic timing.

He kept his coveted NBC position for the entire decade while also becoming one of the most versatile film actors of his generation.10 best comedy actors of the 2000s

2) Ben Stiller

This New Yorker has partnered with Robert De Niro on many occasions, devised the “Blue Steel” posture, and become the leading man of a blockbuster franchise in the period of ten years.

Thanks to his masterful blend of deadpan and humorous wit, audiences love to watch his frightened characters face terrifying situations.

Stiller, mostly a film actor, but appeared in multiple episodes of the popular television series “Arrested Development,” cementing his status as one of America’s favorite Frat Pack members.

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Oh, and we owe him a debt of gratitude for serving as a shining example of why you should never go full throttle.

1) Will Ferrell

Ferrell, unlike many of the other comedians on this list, did not have a stand-up comedy background, but he didn’t need one.

The following are the facts: Will Ferrell‘s impressions, original characters, and generally crazy antics were the #1 reason to watch “Saturday Night Live” until 2002 since he could make almost any cast member break character with his impressions, original characters, and generally crazy antics.

His first major part after leaving Saturday Night Live, in “Old School,” has become legendary, and his late-2000s filmography has been regarded as a cinematic master lesson in improvised comedy.
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He’s not your usual method actor, but he gives himself completely to hilariously crazy characters, which we adore.

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