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Malachi Longmire Ending Explained: Cast, Plot and Everything You Need to Know!

Longmire is an American modern Western criminal drama television series created by John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin that premiered on the A&E network on June 3, 2012. The series is based on Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire Mysteries series of novels.

Walt Longmire, a sheriff in fictional Absaroka County, Wyoming, is at the core of the story. In investigating big crimes under his authority, he is supported by colleagues, friends, and his daughter.

Longmire was A&E’s “highest-rated original drama series,” but the network announced in August 2014 that the show will not be renewed after the third season.

Netflix picked it up, starting with season four, after Warner Horizon Television offered it to other networks. On November 17, 2017, Netflix released the sixth and final season. In the United States, you may watch all of the episodes on Netflix.


Walt Longmire, the long-serving sheriff of Absaroka County, is played by Robert Taylor. His character, laconic and introspective with a strong sense of duty and justice, is a throwback to the great heroes of traditional Westerns.

Victoria “Vic” Moretti,

Henry Standing Bear,

His name means “a bear who defends those he loves,” and he is an exceptional tracker. Henry is introduced as a minor character, but as the series progresses, his role as a well-liked member of his community grows more prominent, and he actively assists Walt and Cady on several occasions. Henry does not use contractions in his speech.

Branch Connally, played by Bailey Chase,

He had a love relationship with Cady Longmire. After being shot by David Ridges in Season 2, he is shown healing and investigating the attack the following season. At the end of Season 3, he was fired from the police service and murdered by his father, Barlow.

Cady Longmire is played by Cassidy Freeman,

Archie “The Ferg” Ferguson, played by Adam Bartley,

Despite the fact that Walt hired him as a favour to his father, his varied knowledge and skills have helped solve crimes, validating Walt’s hiring. Even after being promoted to a more senior deputy position, he still feels disregarded. He had an unrequited crush on Cady in the early seasons. He meets Meg, a local nurse, in season five.

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Longmire’s Finale Revealed

malachi longmire ending explained

Even though they disagree on a number of things, the fact that Tucker Baggett and Barlow colluded to take Walt’s land and turn it into a golf course demonstrates how much respect Jacob has for Walt. The civil suit is dismissed in its entirety as a result of Jacob’s emails being made public.

After his murder was staged, Eddie Harp, an Irish mob enforcer, was discovered dealing heroin on the reserve. Walt is doubtful of Jacob’s innocence in light of Jacob’s admission that he accepted funding from Shane Muldoon. Malachi assassinates Muldoon and then abducts Henry and his brother, Henry being the first, in order to force Jacob to hand over ownership of the casino.

They face a last encounter with Malachi and his men, with Walt, Vic, Ferg, and the recently re-instated Zach Heflin, as well as Mathias’ Cheyenne Tribal Police, culminating in Walt slaying Malachi and Henry murdering Darius Burns, the second in command. Walt and Vic, Cady and Zach, and Zach and Cady are all in the beginning stages of their relationships.

Walt announces his resignation after successfully encouraging Cady to run for sheriff. Henry takes over Jacob’s casino while Walt continues his search for the hidden wealth that Lucian had convinced him he had discovered.

Plot of Season 6 of Longmire

When Walt and the Crow medicine lady save Henry from Malachi’s kidnappers on the Crow reservation, he is in risk of dying if they don’t find him in time. Walt is tasked with solving the case of an unusual robbery.

Walt feels Jacob Nighthorse is responsible for Malachi’s activities as a result of the Henry kidnapping, but he organises a reunion with Walt because Jacob is scared of Malachi. As a result, Jacob agrees to hand over a copy of Malachi’s “Red Pony” ledger to the FBI as proof that he stole money from the company. Walt is the one who discovers Vic’s pregnancy.

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