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Twenty Five Twenty One Ending Explained: Cast, Plot and Everything You Need to Know!

“Seumuldaseot Seumulhana” is a 2022 South Korean television series that stars Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joohyuk, Bona, Choi Hyun-wook, and Lee Joo-myung, and was directed by Jung Ji-hyun. Between the years of 1998 and 2021, five different couples’ love stories are chronicled in the show.

A total of 16 episodes were broadcast over the course of 16 weeks beginning on February 12, 2022, at 21:10 KST on tvN. Netflix has it available for viewing right now.

To put it another way, the show was an enormous commercial success and one of the most highly watched Korean dramas ever shown on cable television.


Na Hee-do, played by Kim Tae-ri

So-hyun Kim, now an adult Hee-do Na Hee

Na Hee-do as a young Ok Ye-rin

Untapped potential in the sport of epee fencing. She transfers to her high school in order to practise with her idol, Ko Yu-rim.

Nam Joo-hyuk is Baek Yi-doppelganger. jin’s

A hard-working young guy whose chaebol family went bankrupt due to the IMF crisis in South Korea. As a result, he decides to move out on his own in an effort to start over, despite the constant presence of debt collectors at his door.

Bona is playing Ko Yu-rim/Julia Ko as Bona in this movie.

a youthful Kyung Da-eun in the role of Ko Yu-rim

Hee-idol do’s and fiercest competitor is a high school fencing gold champion.

Played by Choi Hyun-wook, Moon Ji-woong

A classmate of Na Hee-and do’s the school’s most popular boy

Ji Seung-wan is played by Lee Joo-myung.

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Explaining the Ending of Twenty-Five Twenty-One

twenty five twenty one ending explained

Twenty Five Twenty One concludes with Hee-do and Ye-jin confronting one another and calling it quits after years of dating. Both regret how angry and emotional they were at the time of their split. Hee-do voiced her remorse and regret in her diary, saying she wished the outcome had been different.

Afterward, Hee-do mistakenly leaves her diary on a bus and asks the driver to call her if the diary is found. Ye-jin reads the diary, which details several years of his connection with Hee-do, and he is overcome with emotion when he realizes how much Hee-do cared for him and how much he loved Hee-do.

They find one another, embrace, and cry, but Ye-jin is set to leave for employment in the United States, therefore their relationship is doomed.

It’s been seven years since Hee-mother do’s Hee-do sought a replacement for her reputable news anchor position and she chose Ye-jin as her successor because of his accomplishment in the field of journalism.

We learn that Hee-do has tied the knot. Hee-diary do’s was given to her daughter by a local bookstore owner when she was visiting her grandma while she was in the care of her grandmother. Despite Ye-repeated jin’s requests to the shop owner, the item remained in storage for years before being returned to Hee-do.

Her daughter hands the diary over to Hee-do, who reads it and learns that the last page has an entry that she didn’t write, reliving her relationship with her mother. He attached a letter to the book while it was in Ye-possession, jin’s expressing his regret for how things ended up.

When Hee-do revisits their breakup place, she imagines all the things they didn’t say to each other, wishing each other well and telling each other how much they mean to each other instead of remembering the way they fought.

Her thoughts wander back to their first summer together, the time when they first fell in love and spent time with their friends. There are no more developments in Hee-relationship do’s with Ye-jin as the season comes to a close. But if we get future seasons of Twenty Five Twenty One, there’s always more to tell.


A teen fencer follows big dreams and meets a dedicated young man who is trying to restore his life in a time when dreams seem out of reach. At the ages of 22 and 18, they initially meet, and at the ages of 25 and 21, they begin dating.

Seonjung Girls’ High School fencing team is disbanded owing to the IMF crisis in 1998, and Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) is one of its members. She transfers to Taeyang High School in order to continue her fencing career, and eventually becomes a member of the National Fencing Team.

The financial crisis separates Baek Yi-(Nam jin’s Joo-hyuk) family, who go from “riches to rags.” Eventually, he ends up working as a sports writer after having to work multiple part-time jobs.

Does the Relationship Between Hee-Do and Yi-Jin Break Up?

twenty five twenty one ending explained

Because the phone is on a couple’s plan, she can only break the contract with Yi-agreement. Jin’s They have to give away their contract since Yi-Jin shows up in his suit. Even though this is practically like signing a divorce agreement, it’s a bittersweet occasion nonetheless.

Afterward, Yi-Jin wonders whether this is the right decision. But for Hee-Do, she’s had six months to ponder this question. As a result of the loss and anguish of others around him, Yi-Jin was unable to truly miss her while he was in the United States. Even Yi-Jin admits that her assistance was a strain because of all this.

As Hee-Do leaves Yi-Jin alone in the tunnel, everything turns nasty. The final moments of silence as the couple say their final goodbyes are masterfully staged.

As a result of this, Hee-Do decides to step up her fencing game, but she ends up exhausting herself and has to be hospitalized. She writes in her diary about how sorry she is for what she said to Yi-Jin after their breakup.

However, Yi-diary, Jin’s which was left behind on the bus, is the one he loses.

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