Tayshia Adams Discusses the Breakup of Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya and Whether or Not She Was Aware of It!

Tayshia Adams: Michelle Young, Nayte Olukoya Split

Please, don’t you dare say such a thing! Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya, the Bachelorette couple who got engaged nearly a year ago, have broken up. Since announcing their split, Nayte has had to deal with a slew of infidelity allegations.

They announced their breakup in an Instagram Stories post on Friday, June 17, citing the “difficulty” of their relationship in the public glare.

The relationship between Michelle and Nayte has been “very real for us,” she wrote in part, referring to Nayte as her “best friend.” “I’m struggling to say that Nayte and I will be going our separate ways but I stand with him in knowing the heaviness that is present in both of our hearts,” she wrote.

This experience and Nayte’s friendship have taught me a lot about myself. I will never forget it.”

“Sometimes somebody that you hold dear to your heart isn’t somebody who you’re destined to spend the rest of the remainder of your life with,” Nayte Olukoya said.

“We are dealing with this in the greatest way that we can,” he said. “Our hearts are heavy. Our emotions are high.” When it comes to dealing with a breakup, Nayte says he and Michelle Young are both “private people.”

According to him, “We honestly had feelings for one another, and we had feelings for each other for a long time.” In the future, “Michelle and I will be cheering each other on from afar,” she says.

To learn more about their separation, keep reading.

Was Nayte Unfaithful to Michelle?

Tayshia Adams: Michelle Young, Nayte Olukoya Split

According to the Austin native, “not every breakup needs to have someone to blame,” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on June 26. “No, I did not cheat.”

I’m an honest guy who merely wants to get better,” he said. “As we should all desire for our own well-being. Negativity and outright hatred have been upsetting during a tough time, it’s true.

What Happened to Michelle and Nayte on The Bachelorette?

There were numerous rumours that Michelle and Nayte were cancelling their engagement prior to the separation announcement.

TwoMoi, a celebrity gossip Instagram account, revealed a messaging conversation with Amanda Hirsch in which they claimed to have gotten “awful news” concerning the Bachelor Nation couple.

The letter from DeuxMoi said, “I guess she was crying in their staff room last week with a few other teacher buddies and said her and Nayte split up.”. So it was a very difficult week for her overall. It happened shortly before the incident.” My best guess is that they’re still in touch, but not together.”

To which, Amanda responded with a crying emoji and wrote, “Yup, I heard this about Michelle and Nayte, too.

On Instagram, the couple was still connected, but Michelle hadn’t “liked” anything on Nayte’s page since May 29. In fact, she did not even double-tap Nayte’s birthday message to her.

Nayte and Michelle Have Been the Subject of Breakup Rumours Recently

Tayshia Adams: Michelle Young, Nayte Olukoya Split

On May 29, after she was sighted without her engagement ring, she first addressed rumours of a breakup.

Michelle began a video on her Instagram Stories on May 29 by saying, “I generally don’t come on here and discuss these types of things, but because I’ve received so many comments about it.”

In order to catch that moment, the person who was paying attention had to be paying attention long enough to witness one of my friends temporarily remove the engagement ring to try it on, and then put it back on my finger.”

Nayte and I are human beings, not zoo animals,” she said. It’s creepy enough to record someone without their consent.

Is Michelle Still Dating Nayte?

On the 17th of June, the reality TV pair officially announced their split. Nayte suggested that they desire children “one day in the future” ahead of their breakup, speaking exclusively to Life & Style on June 4 during the 2022 iHeartRadio KIIS FM Wango Tango.

“He weighed 13 pounds when he was born!” According to Michelle, they were taking their relationship “in stride” before getting married, a remark she made during their joint appearance with ABC.

Due to our long-standing plans to travel this way, “we’re going to hold off for a while.” When the time comes, we’ll take the kids, but for now, we want to travel as a couple.”

A few months before to that, the Austin, Texas, resident stated that he and Michelle had yet to decide on a location or a date for their wedding.

After earlier discussing moving to Michelle’s home state of Minnesota, Nayte, who had previously claimed he and Michelle were considering moving, said: “Yeah, it’ll happen. We like to make sure we’re constantly making extremely measured decisions.”

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