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‘Rhobh’: Erika Jayne Is ‘Trying to Be Human’ – Former Hollywood Publicist Walks Back Shade [exclusive]

Erika Jayne’s severe diva behaviour during a book tour was the subject of a viral article by former Hollywood publicist Amir Yass in 2020.

When Yass stepped in to work the event for a buddy, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star snarled at him. She then went to Yass’s boss and complained about him. In the end, he was sacked.

After Jayne’s divorce from Tom Girardi was announced, Yass posted the tale on TikTok and appeared on Showbiz Cheat Sheet to discuss the unusual legal circumstances surrounding the duo.

Yass’s view on Jayne has changed over time. A new Showbiz Cheat Sheet interview with Yass claims, “Maybe she was having a really awful day” when she came for her. “However, pay attention, she did what she did. And I spoke openly about it, because it was my honest reflection. “And so I’m going on.”

Season 12 of ‘Rhobh’ Shows Erika Jayne in A Different Way.

Seeing Erika Jayne less chilly and inebriated on the yacht on RHOBH Season 12 was a major deal for Yass. “But even just seeing her be a little less, ‘We’re good,’ was encouraging. ‘It’s OK.’ Awkward, you know? Yass stated it was “invigorating.” “She was having a good time. With Sutton [Stracke], she’s striving to be human. “I believe she’s making an effort.”

Then there’s the trauma, too,” he said. Intense and violent is a good way to describe her mother.

I am aware of the difficulties she has faced. Also, I’m such a sap. I’ve always had a publicist’s side to myself, as well as an angry social media presence, but I’m really just a marshmallow inside. Let the past remain the past. “I have no ill will toward her whatsoever,” he said.

In the Opinion of Amir Yass, Erika Jayne Has Already Suffered Enough

‘RHOBH’: Erika Jayne Is ‘Trying to Be Human’ – Former Hollywood Publicist Walks Back Shade

In the previous season, Jayne was dragged more than Yass could have described. In addition, she has been accused of failing to pay taxes and refusing to hand over millions of dollars worth of diamond earrings she obtained from her ex-husband.

Yass has had it with this anymore. For all we know, she might have been the one to conduct these crimes if the positions had been reversed.” “Would they do this to her?” he pondered. That’s not the case, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, in the United States, the patriarchy is still very much in place. “The show is still being ruled by men.” When it comes to the backlash, Yass believes Girardi gets off much easier because of his gender than Jayne does.

‘How dare she, she’s a mother, she’s maternal,'” he remarked of the woman. Even if she took the money, she was in a system where he was taking a hell of a lot more money. As a matter of fact, I don’t trust the claims that he has dementia.

That’s merely a ploy to get out of doing what you really need to do. He is an attorney. A very good idea, in my opinion. Saying you’re incapable prevents them from taking your money or pursuing you. In the past, there was a glimmer of hope that she might have been working with him, but now I’m wondering, “Would she?” Honestly, I don’t believe it.

Every ‘housewives’ Show, Including Rhobh,’ Is Incomplete without A Villain

‘RHOBH’: Erika Jayne Is ‘Trying to Be Human’ – Former Hollywood Publicist Walks Back Shade

There is always room for a villain in every Housewives show, and Yass thought Jayne did a great job. On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, he pointed out, “You have Teresa [Giudice]. “We need that person because else, Kumbaya tends to be boring.

So she’s a bit of a thorn in the side. And she does an excellent job in that role. There is no way for me to tell if it’s just a plot device or if she is truly terrible. What I can tell you is that based on what I saw, the guy I saw appeared to be extremely entitled.”

While working with her, he reminisced, “And remember, she had all the money.” The glitz she was buying cost her $500,000!” She was having a blast. Even yet, when she said, for many people, it’s like, why are you wasting this money?, I understood her sincerity. When it comes to putting on her trendy makeup, however, it’s an art form. In a way, it’s her job.”

There are many ways that people spend their money,” Yass said. Because of this, it’s time to stop judging each other. Then again, half of the joy of watching Real Housewives is judging.

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