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The Bidens Have the Same Dysfunction as The Kennedys – and They Are Protected by The Press!

Former Vice President Joe Biden “comes on strong,” according to his daughter-in-law in her new memoir.

Nobody is surprised by this, after all, after reading about all of the allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against Vice President Biden, or after seeing the numerous videos and photos of creepy Uncle Joe interacting with young women and girls, including sniffing and massaging their hair and kissing them on the lips.

In her new memoir, Betsy DeVos claims to have had an unwelcome forehead-to-forehead touch with President Trump. Having been in a wheelchair following a bike accident, she had nowhere else to go. She describes the incident as “gross” and “a weak attempt to scare me.”

But no left-leaning publication, otherwise hyper-attuned to such infractions, seems to give a fig about them.

Hunter Biden’s ex-wife Kathleen Buhle’s initial meeting with Joe has also been overlooked. To quote from her newly released book, “If We Break,” a stranger named Joe “placed his hands on my cheeks and stared me in the eyes, his nose almost brushing mine own.” His son told him he loved him, and that meant that he loved her, too. Understand? ‘I love you,'” he tells her.

Buhle cites Joe’s immediate intimacy as a major factor in his decision. ‘I honestly couldn’t figure out what to do with it,’ she writes in her blog.

We were given a taste of what living with the Bidens might be like based on that brief interaction. The public picture of a close-knit family drawn even closer by sorrow is at variance with reality.

It hasn’t been this bad since the Kennedys when the media largely disregarded the family instability, lack of sexual boundaries, and extreme substance abuse difficulties, as well as the exploitation of presidential access for money.

Here’s a quick disclaimer: Donald Trump has been accused of a variety of sleazy things, including sexual harassment and rape, and he has made some nasty statements. It’s important to note that the mainstream media has taken each and every one of these claims quite seriously.

They all seem to have the peculiar tendency of posting their most personal correspondence, ideas, and confessions online for the world to see. Ashley hasn’t denied having the diary, and Hunter hasn’t denied having the laptop.

Bidens Are as Dysfunctional

So, why aren’t these stories being covered by the media?

Hunter and Ashley have a problem with both their father and the media’s fictitious step-mom, Dr. Jill Biden, who they see as a saint. Each one expresses frustration with their parents’ political aspirations, a sense of betrayal by their father, and feelings of a political pawnshop. Ashley and Hunter both have a problem with substance misuse, and neglect is a common thread.

Depending on the circumstances, how much resentment might each adult kid feel toward their parents?

A lot is said when your crack-addled kid decides to provide a lengthy feature to The New Yorker while you’re running for president against a highly contentious opponent, in which you run as stable, experienced, reasonable, sensible, and above all, caring.

Even when his father was still in office, Hunter’s openness extended to a homeless woman named Bicycles (“basically… we just put our heads on the couch and took a lot of cracks”). He also had an affair with his brother’s ex-husband.

Biden is seen with his family leaving on a train for Washington in 1987.

New Yorker interview with Hunter: “All we received from everybody was s–t, all the time.” “It was a lot of effort.”

Sounded like a true addict with a vendetta against his father and an ax to grind. What other reason is there for opening up to one of the most reputable left-wing publications? If Hunter was such a liability, why open the door to an ex-Obama staffer telling a publication that?

Obama aides described him as “on the loose,” “undermining his father’s message.” Is it possible that Hunter and Ashley Biden are attempting to communicate with us? If only the left-leaning media would get the message. It’s little wonder that 63 percent of Americans don’t trust the media, according to a Gallup poll.

The news of Hunter Biden’s laptop was ignored by left-leaning media sites as the 2020 presidential race approached. Even Bill Maher was outraged. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Hunter has misplaced or abandoned three computers, including one supposedly found in celebrity therapist Keith Ablow’s office.

According to Maher, “It appears that the left-wing media has buried the story since it was not part of their narrative.” As a ne’er-do-well who took the money because he was the vice president’s son and so had authority, Hunter Biden has made a career. He’s been paid $8 million by Chinese energy corporations to “sit on the board” and provide advice. Yes, that was his life’s work – the investigation of energy. For him, “hooker exploration” was a lifelong goal

Joe Biden is sworn in as Vice President by Associate Justice John Paul Stevens with his family by his side.

Truer words could not be spoken. Two weeks ago, an excerpt from Ashley Biden’s diary went viral because of a media blackout. If you think this is not newsworthy, then read on.

The author asks, “Was I molested?” in his or her piece. My recollection is hazy, but I’m sure there was some sort of trauma involved. At a young age, I was too sexualized… I recall having sex with my pals when I was younger and taking showers with my dad (which was definitely not suitable).”

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