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THE CURSED (2022) Ending Explained: Why Seamus Gets Bit By Anais?

Sean Ellis is the director and writer of the Gothic horror film The Cursed from the year 2022. Boyd Holbrook, Kelly Reilly, Alistair Petrie, and Roxane Duran are the film’s stars.

Under the title Eight for Silver, the film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2021. LD Entertainment released the movie on February 18, 2022, in the United States. Critics gave it favorable reviews.

The acting, particularly by Alistair Petrie, Kelly Reilly, and Boyd Holbrook, captures the spirit of the narrative and effectively conveys everything the director was attempting to say.

Although “The Cursed” may not be the best horror film you’ve ever seen, it does a great job of maintaining audience interest by taking a highly balanced approach.

THE CURSED (2022) Plotline

A wounded French captain who has three bullets in his stomach is brought into a hospital tent during the Battle of the Somme. The surgeon finds and removes a fourth bullet that is made of silver and is not of the German design while doing surgery to remove the German bullets.

On the recommendation of and with the permission of the village elders, the ruthless land baron Seamus Laurent supervised the slaughter of a Romani clan that claimed his territory and established there 35 years previously, in 1891.

The Roma leaders had made a set of silver dentures in the shape of wolf fangs the previous evening in anticipation of their impending peril.

The Roma leaders are taken prisoner and killed during the defeat. The victim has his hands and feet amputated before being tied to a cross and made into a scarecrow as a deterrent to anyone else who might try to settle the area.

The other gets impaled with silver fangs and buried alive.

THE CURSED (2022) Production

Sean Ellis is the author and director of “The Cursed.” He also handled the film’s cinematography, and he was able to give it a menacing appearance and atmosphere that effectively supports the story.

You will be completely immersed in this historical horror/drama thanks to the haunting soundtrack by Robin Foster and the incisive editing by Yorgos Mavropsaridis and Richard Mettler.

THE CURSED (2022) Ending Explained

The performances, particularly those of Alistair Petrie, Kelly Reilly, and Boyd Holbrook, are able to express what the director intended to say and bring forth the heart of the story.

Although “The Cursed” may not be the most exceptional horror movie you have ever seen, it is quite well-balanced in its approach and succeeds in keeping the audience engaged the entire time.

THE CURSED (2022) Ending Explained

McBride discovers that Timmy tore a page from the Bible and gave it to Charlotte, intending for her to use it to find the knowledge she needed to break the curse. McBride was aware that Judas had received the same silver.

He discovered the fangs in the exact chapel where Timmy had put them and had a blacksmith turn them into bullets by melting them down.

Anais, a Maid Employed by Laurent

Anais, a maid employed by Laurent, gets bitten by a werewolf but sustains injuries. She was concerned that she might be exiled or possibly killed if others found out. She held back from telling anyone about it due to her fear.

THE CURSED (2022) Ending Explained


She applied her own bandages to the wounds, but she was unable to stop the infection from spreading and having an impact. She started to change into the beast when Seamus discovered her. Seamus and McBride had just gotten into a brawl.

Seamus Gets Bit By Anais

Having failed in his quest, McBride advised him that there was no use in continuing because the beast was already pursuing him. Seamus gets bit by Anais before she shoots her.

When Seamus becomes sick, he confesses that he killed the gypsies out of greed and should not have. He burns up because he is aware that once someone is infected, there is no turning back.

Isabelle, Charlotte, and McBride sprinted into the chapel. Isabelle heard her son Edward’s voice and opened the church entrance.

Edward Transformed Into A Werewolf

However, Edward transformed into a werewolf and waited for a chance. He murdered everyone who was present in the church before turning to bite Isabelle. McBride fired Isabelle because he couldn’t aim properly.

She was shot by the same cursed silver bullet that also struck the werewolf in the body. The werewolf changed back into Edward as soon as it came into contact with the silver. While McBride was unable to save Seamus and Isabelle, he was successful in rescuing Charlotte and bringing Edward back.

John Mcbride Made the Choice to Adopt the Kids

John McBride made the choice to adopt the kids. He brought them up like his own kids. After being rescued from the beast, Edward had no memory of what had happened. He finally enlisted in the military.

35 years after her parents were killed on that tragic night, Charlotte visits McBride on his deathbed in the opening scene.

THE CURSED (2022) Ending Explained

Edward was the soldier who was struck by the silver bullet during the 1917 Battle of the Somme. The doctors understood that the silver bullet was not a German invention. Edward had the silver bullet inside of him the entire time.

He endured the curse for 35 years before it eventually defeated him. The doctors believed Edward had died as a result of his wounds, but they were unaware that he had also paid the price for the transgressions of his ancestors.

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Seamus Laurent attempted to drive the gypsies from their own country, but he was unaware that his efforts could only physically destroy them.

Each victim’s roots grew from their backs and encircled them permanently, signifying that evil had arisen from the place where their ancestors were born.

The culprits were ensured to join them in the deep and black abyss by the roots of the ground where their blood was spilled.

They merely sought what was legitimately theirs, and didn’t ask for anything else. But Seamus had become blind from greed. He made the decision to abuse his abilities because he wanted everything for himself.

Even though he was able to acquire the land, the cost was unfathomable. The elderly woman was aware that the silver was cursed and that she would eventually need to use it to defend herself due to people’s ravenous quest for worldly wealth.

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