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The New Daughter Ending Explained: What’s up With the Ending?

The New Daughter, an American horror movie from 2009, marks Spanish author Luis Berdejo’s feature-length directorial debut.

Samantha Mathis, Ivana Baquero, and Kevin Costner are the main actors. It relates the tale of a novelist and his two children who relocate to a house in the country close to a burial mound and experience a demonic presence.

It is based on the short story of the same name by John Connolly.

Plot Summary

The New Daughter Ending Explained

Mr. James A recently divorced novelist named Kevin Costner takes his teenage daughter Louisa Ivana Baquero and his baby son Sam Gattlin Griffith into an ancient house in a rural area of South Carolina.

Louisa and John have a tense relationship; she accuses him of wrecking everything and never loving her mother. Louisa hears unusual noises outside her bedroom window on the first night the family is in the house.

She doesn’t spot the humanoid hiding on the roof outside. The kids discover a sizable mound the next day while playing in the nearby fields and forest.

Sam is hesitant to approach it, but Louisa is drawn to it right away. John discovers in town that his home is notorious in the neighborhood for the disappearance of a woman who lived there.

He sees Louisa’s pet cat mutilated close to the house when he gets home. After school, Louisa visits the mound again and hears unusual noises while lounging in the sunshine.

The movie turns to John cutting his hand while doing the dishes just as Louisa hears what sounds like approaching animal howls.

John discovers a trail of muddy footprints extending from the front door that is open to the restroom that evening.

The shower is washing Louisa’s incredibly muddy body while she is inside the house with the door locked and seated in the bathtub. When the muddy water reaches the drain, it is seen to turn bloody red.

That evening, John discovers Louisa sleepwalking. When he returns her to bed, he discovers an odd straw doll with a dark ball inside that is home to a live spider.

The following morning, Louisa arrives downstairs for breakfast while donning make-up and a short black dress.

She pretends she hasn’t seen the doll when John inquires about it. A preppy girl harasses Louisa on their school’s stairwell.

At home, John discovers a heap of filthy garments in her bedroom. He discovers the head of Louisa’s doll at the mound and the bloodied remnants of a blackbird while searching the area outside the house.

Louisa says she doesn’t feel well, so John is asked to come to take her up. He sees the preppy girl in the hospital who supposedly “fell” down the stairs and hurt her arm.

Samantha Mathis, Cassandra, Sam’s instructor, offers John her friendship and provides him her phone number.

The New Daughter Ending Explained

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Later, when he had put the straw doll in the kitchen drawer, he is surprised to discover a nest of spiders. Even though he had earlier told her to return home by dark, John spots Louisa coming out of the woods that evening.

He draws attention to the scarring that is evident on her neck’s skin, but Louisa storms off without saying why. She consumes food in an animal-like manner as if she were starving.

One night, John makes touch with Cassandra, and they go out together. Louisa leaves the house after she hears noises outside while John is abroad.

John spots a shadowy figure racing through the woods in front of the house as he drives home. It vaguely resembles Louisa. He leaves his automobile and walks toward the noises of animals growling, but as he gets scared, he quickly returns to it.

When a stone hits his window, he rushes home. Louisa declines when asked if she has been outside. She is to stay away from the mound, he commands. John’s agent visits the home the following day, and they have a conversation about it.

Louisa tells Sam to go up the ladder to the attic within. Sam stumbles when he hears animal noises in that area.

John chastises Louisa for neglecting her younger brother and says that he needs stitches. In the course of his internet search that evening, John comes across a piece concerning burial mounds.

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