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Playtube: How To Download and Save You Tube Videos with Play Tube.Pk in 2021!

Nowadays, this website is getting popular because of its amazing streaming rate and because of its rare videos.

Many people thought Playtube is not legit and a scam but because of its positive reviews netizens are now using it.

Play tube is one of the competitors of YouTube, and the popularity of this website is spreading widely, especially in those countries where YouTube is Banned.

What Is Play Tube?


Play tube is a video-playing website or a chrome extension for offline YouTube streaming. This website was launched in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada right after YouTube was blocked in Universities and other certain places.

Billions of videos have been uploaded and shared on the platform since 2013. Play tube is like YouTube, it has all the videos that are available on YouTube.

This is very convenient to use, where all you just need to do is add your favorite music videos to your playlist and listen to them anywhere, anytime.

How to Create a Play Tube Account?

Here Is the Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use Play Tube.

1. Open your device and go to the browser. Then type in www. play

2. Look for the Signup button and Tap it

3. Enter your information such as Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and other verification information.

4. Click on Submit button

5. Wait for a few seconds and you will see a banner saying ‘Thank You For your time, we will reply to you as soon as possible.’

6. Wait for a reply and there you can have your Playtube account.

How to Use Play Tube?

1. Open your device and go to the browser. Then type in www.

2. Look at the Login button and Tap it

3. log in to your account if you don’t have an account, kindly follow the steps above.

4. After a few seconds, it will direct you to the PlayTube home screen.

5. Choose from a variety of Categories and Enjoy watching.

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Features of Play Tube


1. Free Sign Up

Create your account and enjoy streaming videos on PlayTube, anyone has the right to create or sign up for an account without any hidden fees.

Your account serves as your playlist where you can add varieties of videos you love to watch. This post is sponsored by our partners that provide the best replica rolex watches. From affordable to Super Clone fake Rolex watches online.

For a very simple and easy account signing, you just need to put your details such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

This also has a verification that is bound by all US Laws and Regulations.

2. Variety of Video Genres

You will be delighted with a large number of Video genres. To ensure its user’s satisfaction PlayTube has been adding plenty of video genres such as Activism, Film & Animation, Autos & Vehicles, Comedy, Education, Gaming, and more.

Stay up to date with trending videos all over the world. PlayTube continues to serve its users the quality of services by adding more video genres to enjoy.

3. Download Options

PlayTube also offers you high-quality options of videos to download. You can download your favorite videos with good quality and choose from a format such as HD, MP3, and MP4.

It also allows you to share videos worldwide by using their website without a proxy or VPN. The downloading process is very easy and simple, just click on the download button and choose your format then download it.

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4. Private Video Playlist

Your videos are safe with PlayTube because this offers you a Private Video playlist, to add everything you’d love to watch and listen to privately.

5. Interface

The PlayTube interface is similar to YouTube, very simple and user-friendly. On your home screen, it will show you the recommended videos and a menu bar that contains a varieties of categories for you to choose from.

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