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Escape Room 2017 Ending Explained: What Happens, and What It Could Mean for The Future!

The success of 2017’s Escape Room, a horror film, motivated its director to develop a sequel, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, two years later.
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Some have heard echoes of Saw, Cube, The Game, or Hostel in the first picture, which is otherwise a very standard claustrophobic horror thriller that manages to keep spectators hooked to the screen.

Plot Summary

Escape Room 2017 Ending Explained

In the opening minutes of the film, we meet a cast of characters who get a mysterious invitation in the form of a black box filled with jigsaw pieces.

There’s a grand prize of $10,000 up for grabs for the lucky participants of this exclusive escape room. A group of seven people appears in the lobby of a massive building.

But as we progress through the challenges, we see that this is no ordinary game; in fact, our lives are in jeopardy, and there is no way to just end the experience.

The seven players must work together to solve riddles in order to survive the game. The film also reveals that the chambers, as well as the specifics of the riddles offered to the players, give the impression that the game’s creator has a deep familiarity with the players.

So, it looks like a game that was specifically designed for them. The film’s protagonists are preoccupied with saving their lives through puzzle solving, thus the question of who intended to do this and why is pushed to the background.

Some of the players will tragically die during the course of the game. Zoey decides not to destroy the cameras in the second-to-last room because she is suspicious that someone is observing them and that, as a result, none of them can win the game.

That way, she can use an oxygen mask in secret to protect herself from the airborne toxins, and she can leave the room before the game’s organizers return to clean it.
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Ben, meanwhile, escapes the final room and triumphs.

And so he meets the Gamemaster, who tells him what the game is really about: entertainment for the very wealthy, who enjoy watching humans battle for their own lives, much as ancient audiences enjoyed watching gladiators do the same.

According to the Gamemaster, the demand for more challenging exams and more targeted participant pools is driving up the price of the service.

All the contributors to that issue had one thing in common: they were all still alive after being involved in catastrophic events in which everyone else perished.

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Who Survives the Escape Room? and How Does the Film End?

Escape Room 2017 Ending Explained

The Gamemaster makes an attempt at Ben’s life in the film’s final act. Since the game’s sole purpose is to provide amusement for players upon request, the winners receive nothing. After killing the Gamemaster, Zoey and Ben manage to flee the room.

The following day, police examine the playground and find no traces of the group or any of the missing children. Zoey is there, and she investigates what appears to be a long-abandoned structure.

However, she notices on the wall what appear to be the letters of the name “Wootan Yu,” which appears multiple times throughout the film/game and is an anagram for “No Way Out.”

Thus, the danger lies in the fact that players will not be able to achieve any sort of success in the game. Six months later, we rejoin Zoey and Ben as they continue on with their lives.

Ben attempts to go on, but Zoey won’t rest until the real organizers of that game are brought to justice and they stop setting traps in which innocent people can be killed the Gamemaster was just an employee of the organization.

Escape Room 2017 Ending Explained

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Analyzing the materials at her disposal, she locates what she believes to be Minos’ headquarters and persuades Zoey to take a plane ride there.

In the final moments of the film, we see an elaborate escape room set up inside a crashed plane. We learn that the flight Zoey and Ben have booked is a simulation, one that Minos has always engineered.

They still have some work for the Puzzle Maker to complete. They will have a 4% chance of surviving the new game he is submitting to them.

So concludes Escape Room. Leaving the door open for the tale of Zoey and Ben to continue which it does, in the sequel, and hinting that this is now a very personal issue for Zoey:

she is not scared to get back in touch with the designers of the escape rooms, and so poses a threat to them. As a result, there are a lot of directions the story could go.
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