Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Hands-On Should You Go Pro?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Hands-On Should You Go Pro?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series is bringing a new wave of wearables later this month, and one of them features an improvement we’ve been yearning for years in the world of flagship smartwatches, but you’ll have to shell out more cash to get it.

Two new Android smartwatches from Samsung have been launched, and we’ve got a chance to try them out.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has two different screen sizes, 40mm and 44mm, and seems like a minor upgrade from the Watch 4.

This year, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which features a larger 45mm screen and a number of other improvements, has replaced the Galaxy Watch Classic as the company’s flagship smartwatch.

The Philip J. Fry in you may be prompted to say “take my money” by one single improvement.

80-Hour Battery Anyone?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Hands-On Should You Go Pro?

It may seem out of place to focus on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5‘s battery life in this, the first official hands-on impression.

Unfortunately, Samsung and Apple have put us in this position due to their constantly poor battery life. I really like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic from last year, but the battery life isn’t adequate for the task of recording everything it’s capable of particularly when compared to other top fitness trackers.

One of the watch’s biggest functions is its ability to monitor your sleep, yet doing so precludes the most convenient method of keeping it fully charged at all times: sleeping with it on.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, on the other hand, boasts a new 590mAh battery, which is 63% more mAh than the largest Watch 4 Classic’s battery. This means a charge will last for 80 hours.

While the much more affordable Watch 5 is limited in its range of motion, its battery life has been increased by about 15%, which might mean fewer trips back to the house for a recharge and a more confident “we can make it” outlook on the day ahead.

What’s New with The Galaxy Watch 5?

If you compare the Galaxy Watch 5 to last year’s model, you’ll have to look quite closely to see the changes. The watch’s frame has been redesigned so that it more comfortably rests on the wrist.

Because of the larger viewing area, navigating the interface by tapping and swiping is much simpler on the touchscreen.

Also, the BioActive Sensor’s surface area of contact with the skin has been expanded, which should improve the reliability of the heart rate sensor, sleep tracking, and other functions, especially if you were previously wearing your Watch 4 too snugly.

Display Sapphire Crystal glass is purportedly 60% more durable than previous versions. The more clumsy among us were concerned about the durability of the Watch 4, and that was one of the reasons I chose the bezel protection of the Classic edition instead.

This gives us a little more confidence in the exposed glass design of the Galaxy Watch 5.

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What’s Special About the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Hands-On Should You Go Pro?

Is the Pro version of the Galaxy Watch 5 merely the Classic with a different name? The premium iteration of the best-selling smartwatch series has undergone some physical design changes, and some customers may not like them.

Yes, the widespread speculation that Samsung will finally abandon the rotating bezel has come to fruition.

Even if you’re still paying more for the flagship model, I’m not persuaded its removal is a positive thing, especially considering how difficult it is to use anymore.

The huge 45mm display does a respectable job of facilitating app switching via horizontal swipes, to be fair.


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