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What About Alejandro Fernandez, is He a Gay?

The full name of the person in question is Alejandro Fernandez Abarca.

He is the one in question. He is from Mexico and is both a singer and composer.

El Potrillo is another name that people use to refer to him (The Little Colt).

This moniker was bestowed upon him by the media as well as his devoted adherents.

[citation needed] In terms of album sales, he has surpassed the accomplishments of every other Latin music musician up to this time.

Because they were the first to successfully penetrate the mainstream music market, this musician is considered to be the pioneer of the genre.

Is Alejandro Fernandez Gay?

He is not. He talked about his sexual orientation.

Alejandro Fernández, a popular Mexican musician, has just published a new album titled “Confidencias,” which translates to “Secrets.”

Despite the album’s title, the 50-year-old artist maintains that he has nothing to reveal about his sexuality.


El Potrillo addressed the persistent accusations that he is gay while he was promoting the release of his new album on Tuesday in Mexico at a press conference.

“I have no doubts about my sexual orientation. The artist expressed his sentiments to several media sources, one of which was “El Gordo y la Flaca,” an entertainment-themed daytime programme broadcast on Univision.

The crooner was not finished there; he also addressed claims that he had allegedly undergone plastic surgery. According to Fernández, ever since he started working on “Confidencias,” he has been watching his diet, exercising more, going out to parties less frequently, and dying his hair, but he has not done anything else.

Before he could finish, he felt compelled to emphasise that his “vanity does not detract from his manhood.”

Alejandro Fernandez Personal Life

On April 24, 1971, Alejandro Fernandez Abarca took his first tentative steps into our world.

Jalisco, Mexico’s Guadalajara, is where he was born. He is currently fifty years old. His current age is Mexican.


He is a Taurus by birth sign. He is the youngest of his parents’ four children.

Vicente Fernández is his father’s name. Maria del Refugio Abarca Villasenor is the name of the mother of this actor.

The sibling he has is Alejandra Fernández. Vicente Fernandez Jr. and Gerardo Fernández are his two siblings.

His father also works as an actor and a producer of movies in Mexico.

Alejandro Fernandez is the title of Abarca’s debut album, which was released by Sony Music.

With one of his sisters and two elder brothers, he was raised in Guadalajara.

In 1992, Alejandro Fernandez Abarca wed América Guinart.

Two of Alejandro’s three children are twins, and both were born to América Guinart.

Their offspring are known by the names Camila, Alex, and América Fernández. In 1998, Alejandro and América divorced.

Following that, he began dating Colombian beauty Ximena Dáz.

Alejandro’s two children, Emiliano and Valentina, were born to Ximena.

Alejandro Fernandez’s Past Relationships

Alejandro Fernandez had at least six partnerships in the last few years, according to the information we have.

Not all of Alejandro’s prior unions, partners, and splits are publicly known.

We might not be aware of some facts because of how private celebrities are when it comes to releasing certain things.


Finding out who Alejandro Fernandez is now seeing is typically simple, but keeping track of all his hookups and breakups can be challenging.

Certain things might be more widely known than others, particularly when the media is involved.

Alejandro Fernandez has never been wed before. Relationships with Karla Laveaga (2011–2015), Eiza González (2010–2011), and Ayari Anaya have all been had by Alejandro Fernández (2004 – 2011).

Additionally, he has interacted with Gabriela Ramirez (2010).

In the past, Alejandro Fernández was wed to Ximena Dáz (2000–2004) and America Guinart (1992 – 1998).

He has five kids. The past dates and hookups are updated regularly.

Alejandro Fernandez’s Dating Compatibility

Alejandro Fernandez belongs to the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus.

Taurus excels in getting along with the majority of people.

It is a calm and collected zodiac sign. As Virgo and Capricorn share Taurus’s realistic, cautious, and logical outlook on life, they are both suitable matches for Taurus.

The least suited zodiac signs for dating in Taurus are Aries and Sagittarius.

Pig is Alejandro’s astrological sign. The Pig, the 12th animal of the zodiac, is sensual, obstinate, and incredibly honest.

According to Chinese zodiac compatibility standards, the love and social potential of the Pig are most suited for the Tiger, Rabbit, and Goat signs.

However, when selecting a spouse, stay away from those born under the Snake and Monkey signs.

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It’s possible that the Mexican pop queen, who is 51 years old at this point, may soon release a new single.

When it comes to his private life, including the identities of the people he has romantic relationships with, Alejandro Fernandez continues to exercise a great deal of discretion.

Even though we do not know whether or not he is married, we would still like to wish him the very best of luck in whatever he decides to do with his life.

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