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Opens Up About His Gay Father in Robert De Niro: is He Gay Too

Robert De Niro is typically portrayed as a strong guy in movies, so it may come as a surprise to some people to see him break down in tears when talking about his upcoming project, a documentary about his late father that appears to be the most personal endeavour of his four-decade career. Robert De Niro pays tribute to his father and namesake, an openly gay painter who, unlike his son, never received the kind of acclaim for his work, in the HBO film Remembering the Artist: Robert De Niro, Senior.

Was Robert De Niro Gay?

In a fantastic new interview with Out Magazine, the legendary actor breaks down in tears when talking about his late father and the occasionally tense relationship they shared.


At times, the knot in his throat makes it impossible for him to speak.

(De Niro, for instance, breaks down and requires a few seconds to compose himself when asked how it feels to become more renowned than your namesake.)

But when he can express himself, De Niro offers an interesting look back at his formative years and the father-son connection.

De Niro wonders aloud in another tearful passage whether his father struggled with his sexuality.

Robert De Niro, Sr. passed away as a hungry artist, according to Out, despite the actor’s efforts to support him even after De Niro, Jr. attained some kind of renown.

De Niro Jr. has saved his father’s last residence in New York City as a monument to him.

De Niro produced the movie, which premieres on June 9.

Robert has a straight sexual orientation but he had supported his father in each and every aspect of life.

Robert De Niro Personal Life

He was raised in Greenwich Village, where he was born. His father, Robert De Niro, is an abstract painter who is similarly attractive, passionate, and has curly hair.

He is half Irish and half Italian. His mother Virginia Admiral, who has a deep voice and a robust build, is also an artist.

The late critic Gerald Sykes wrote, “Virginia sold a painting to the Museum of Modern Art when she was still Hans Hoffman’s student in Provincetown.


The De Niros belonged to the loosely knit artistic group that was thriving in Greenwich Village after World War II.

It was a vibrant, gossip-filled underground neighbourhood with its own holidays and legends.

The De Niros held a sort of salon on Bleecker Street where people like Margaret McKee, Clement Greenberg, Manny Farber, and others would stop by to talk about Freud, Kierkegaard, Gertrude Stein, or Zen.

According to the painter Buffie Johnson, “nobody had any money at all.”

Is Robert De Niro Still Married?

De Niro has amassed an estimated $500 million fortune as a result of his extensive filmography and investments.

Since De Niro and Grace Hightower, his wife of 24 years, filed for divorce in 2018, there has been a disagreement over how to divide De Niro’s wealth.

Is Robert De Niro in a Relationship?

It appears that Robert De Niro has a new woman in his life.


While on vacation in the south of France, the legendary actor, 78, was seen holding hands with Tiffany Chen, a martial arts trainer from New York City.

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In 2003, there were rumours going about that Naomi Campbell wanted Robert De Niro to be the father of her children and that she had her sights set on him to be the father of her children.

There were also rumours that she had her sights set on him to do so.

The supermodel who was born in the United Kingdom created the impression that she was ready to bring the actor’s name back into the public view after she severed her connection with the actor in the nineties.

This occurred after the supermodel severed her connection with the actor.

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