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Hocus Pocus 2 Ending Explained: Know What Was Movie All About!

In the land of Hocus Pocus, it has been some time since the Sanderson Sisters have conjured up some new frighteningly good fun. Bette Midler and everyone else involved struggled mightily, despite their best efforts, to speed up the process of expanding on the classic from 1993.

In the end, the world of impending films witnessed Hocus Pocus 2 become a reality some 30 years later, complete with a new plot including a villainous character.

Was the conclusion of Hocus Pocus 2 an exciting journey that lived up to the promise of the first chapter from so many people’s childhoods? It is time to take a closer look at how the most recent batch of shenanigans and magic turned out, and that is exactly what we are going to do in the following paragraphs.

You can read CinemaBlend’s official review, which does not reveal any plot twists or turns, if you are not yet prepared for any information that could potentially ruin the movie for you. In that case, come, devoted readers, we will remove you from here! Now is the time to visit a place filled with magic and surprises.

Hocus Pocus 2 Ending Explained

After Throwing Gilbert Into the Woods, the Sisters Begin Casting the Spell, but Becca and Izzy Arrive Just in Time to Save Cassie, and Becca Comes to Understand the Extent of Her Power.

They Engage in Combat, and The Three Young Ladies Band Together in Order to Defend Themselves Against the Sisters’ Spells.

Winnie Goes Against Book’s Desires and Performs the Spell for Ultimate Power without First Reading the Warning, Which States that In Order to Obtain Ultimate Power, She Will Need to Give up Something that She Cares Deeply About. Winnie Is Left to Face Sunrise on Her Own After the Disappearance of Her Sisters Not Long After Sunrise Arrives.
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Bereft, She Asks Becca to Cast a Spell to Reunite Them, Which Becca Eventually Does, with Izzy and Cassie Repeating the Incantation Chorus in The Same Way that Sarah and Mary Used to For Winnie. However, Rather than Bringing Them Back, the Magic Causes Winnie to Be Transported to Where They Are.

Winnie, Who Is Now Filled with Happiness and Relief, Turns Into Sparks, Which Then Combine with Those of Her Sisters, Cause Them to Light Brightly, and Then Vanish.

Gilbert Comes Back with Billy’s Body, and Eventually, Billy Also Vanishes. Gilbert Then Apologizes to The Girls for What Happened, and He Offers Them a Ten Percent Discount on Anything They Want to Buy.
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Hocus Pocus 2 Credit Scene Explained

Despite This, the Joyful Ending Allows for The Post-Credit Scene to Take Place, Which Depicts Gilbert’s Cat Racing Throughout the Shop and Pausing in Front of A Box that Reads “bf #2 Candle.”

That Entails There Is a Second Candle with A Black Flame, as We Are Confident You Are Aware. We Have Reason to Believe that It Indicates that The Sanderson Sisters Could Be Resurrected Unless the Candle Is Connected to Another Coven of Witches Who Have the Ability to Cause Fear in Salem.
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Even Though It Would Be a Shame to Backtrack on The Emotional Conclusion, There Is Obviously a Set-Up for A Third Movie Here, and We Can’t Rule out The Possibility of It Happening. We’ll Just Have to Keep an Eye on This Area to See if The Sequel Is Successful Enough to Warrant the Production of A Third Film in The Series.

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