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Twitter Will Launch an Immersive Media Viewer that Supports Vertical Video Scrolling

Twitter, a platform for microblogging, has recently announced that it would soon begin rolling out a redesigned video viewing experience. The full-screen mode will be available for users to select when watching videos that show in their feeds or tweets thanks to the newly revamped experience.

Users of Twitter will also be able to scroll vertically from the dual-screen view, allowing them to watch even more material on the network as a result of the new update.

Twitter has also made changes to the explore tab, including the addition of a video carousel function and the placement of tweets of user interest under a ‘Videos of you’ area. These changes were done in conjunction with one another.

This change comes at a time when other social media applications, such as YouTube and Instagram, have switched their strategy and adopted TikTok-like short video formats and UI for shorts and reels, respectively. This move comes as a response to these developments. The microblogging website, on the other hand, has decided to only implement UI elements for video content.

Users of iOS and Android devices can currently access the video carousel function, but in the coming days, the immersive media viewer will be made available to iOS users who are accessing the platform in English.

This is in contrast to the fact that the video carousel feature is already available. An entry on the company’s blog was used to make the announcement, in which it was also mentioned that the company’s goal is to make Twitter the top destination for watching videos.

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The blog post also includes an embedded Twitter addressed to Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds. In the tweet, Reynolds announced the release of the teaser trailer for his highly anticipated and forthcoming blockbuster Deadpool 3.

Twitter has indicated that entertaining teasers would play a significant role in the overall media viewing experience provided by the platform.

The introduction of more video into the platform was the motivation behind the company’s decision to launch Fleets in November of 2020. Despite this, it was taken down just eight months after it had been made available to the public.

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An attempt was made by Fleets to implement a feature analogous to stories, which was pioneered by Snapchat and then adopted by Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. Users complained that it was sluggish because of some technological issues, which led to the service being taken offline temporarily.

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