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Twitter Rolling out Instagram Reels-Style Vertical Video Experience To iOS Users

Twitter is the latest platform to join the growing number of social media sites that are moving their attention to vertical video content. The microblogging service has made an announcement that it will soon provide users of the Twitter iOS app with the ability to watch videos in full-screen immersive mode.

“With the latest version of Twitter’s immersive media player, videos can now be expanded to full screen with the click of a button, providing you with simple access to the whole immersive viewing experience.

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Simply tapping or clicking on a video within the Twitter app will enable the feature, as stated in a blog post published by the business on September 29.

The experience will reportedly continue to function in the same manner as it does on other platforms such as Instagram rolls, as indicated by the blog post and screenshots that were released by Twitter.

After starting a video in full-screen mode, you will be able to scroll up to go along a feed that contains further videos.

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When you have finished watching the videos, you can navigate back to the original tweet by using the back arrow that is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

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However, these videos will still be embedded within tweets. Users may view the tweet that is connected with the video by clicking on the screen, and they can also like, comment, and retweet the tweet.

The new video experience will also be available under the app’s exploration menu at some point in the near future. In addition to Tweets and Trends, videos may now be accessed through the exploration area.

In addition to the capabilities that Twitter has disclosed, it appears that the platform is also conducting research and development on a video view counting tool, similar to the one that is present on Instagram Reels.

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Vertical video is becoming increasingly popular, and social media platforms aren’t the only ones capitalizing on this trend. The National Basketball Association (NBA), which is based in the United States, made an announcement about a new NBA app last week. The app would have an emphasis on vertical content.

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