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Who is Dylan Meyer, the Fiancé of Kristen Stewart? Here’s All You Need to Know

Meyer entered her life at that time. Instead of being “sort of cagey” with the details of her relationship — which is how she describes it! — Kristen can’t stop gushing about Dylan whenever she has the opportunity.

K-Stew has verified that the couple is engaged, which is certainly very happy news considering how stable the relationship between them has been over the previous few years.

Now that they are about to get married, it is time for Kristen to find out more information about Dylan, the woman who stole her heart.

If after all of this you don’t ship the living hell out of Kristen and Dylan, then I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but your heart is no longer functioning properly.

Learn some additional information about Dylan down below.

Kristen and Dylan Made Their First Appearance Ever on the Red Carpet!

In the days and weeks leading up to the 2022 Academy Awards, Kristen and Dylan made a greater number of public appearances together.


This included both solo and joint appearances. They attended a party in March that was sponsored by the Hollywood Reporter in honour of the Academy Awards:

And not too much longer after that, the couple walked the red carpet together at the 2022 Critics’ Choice Awards, where they made their first appearance together in public as a couple.

Kristen and Dylan Are Engaged as of November 2021

Dylan surprised everyone by proposing!! During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM, Kristen made it quite clear that the two of them will be getting married: “We’re certainly going to do it.”

“I wanted to be asked to marry her, so I believe I carved out what I wanted, and she did a great job of offering it to me.

I wanted to be asked to marry her. ” The ceremony will take place as planned, and we are getting married.”

Kristen has been pretty open about wanting to take her future with Dylan more “seriously,” telling Howard Stern in the past that she “can’t fucking wait” to propose to Dylan (although it ended up being the other way around!).

This desire to take her future with Dylan more “seriously” has been a fairly consistent theme for Kristen.

The fact that Kristen has been quite upfront about the fact that she wants to take her future with Dylan more “seriously” does not make this precisely earth-shattering news, even though this is wonderful news.

When Kristen was talking about how she planned to pop the question, she said earlier, “Yeah, I want to be like, really rational about it, but I think wonderful things happen fast.”


“I am not at liberty to reveal it at this moment because she will find out about it,” I said. In addition to this, Kristen has claimed that her desire to be married is not “related to any bizarre form of convention.”

When one knows, one simply knows, as the saying goes. It can be summed up like that.”It seems that they were fully aware of the situation!

Dylan is an Actor and Screenwriter

During an interview with Howard Stern that took place in November 2020, Kristen revealed the fact that she and Dylan were introduced to one another for the very first time during a visit to the set of a film that had taken place eight years previously.

Kristen did not elaborate on which movie it was, but Dylan’s CV has a lengthy list of potential roles to choose from.

Moxie, Rock Bottom, Miss 2059, and Loose Ends are among the projects for which she has received writing and production credits, respectively, according to her page on IMDb. Kristen did not name the movie that she was referring to.

After Kristen and Stella Maxwell Split Up, Kristen and Dylan Began Dating

Rumours were circulating that Kristen was seeing Dylan in August of 2019, just one month after it was reported that Dylan had been photographed kissing Stella Maxwell on a yacht in Italy.

On the other hand, a source for E! News didn’t appear to have a great deal of concern about it.


They said that Kristen was “spending time with Dylan and genuinely excited about it” and that she was “not holding back at all and appreciates being with her.”

They also said that she was “not holding back and appreciates being with her.” They also added that Kristen was “enjoying being with her,” which is an interesting take on the phrase.

They never move too far apart from one another and maintain constant close proximity to one another.

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In addition, Kristen asserted that the two of them shared a profoundly cosmic bond. Kristen filled Howard Stern in on the details and said the following:

“It was, like, really late, and we were at some shady bar, and her friends were there or something, and they walked out, and I was just like, ‘Oh, dude, I’m so fucking in love with you.'” Done.’ It wasn’t a thing, and in addition, it was so evident that it wasn’t a thing. It just is.”

Kristen does not maintain her own Instagram account; however, Dylan does. Dylan uploaded a black-and-white Polaroid of her and Kristen kissing shortly after they began dating, along with the message “Find me beneath the covers hiding from the happy police.”

In addition, Dylan penned a heartfelt birthday message to Kristen, which read as follows: “It’s my absolute favourite person’s birthday, and I’m wishing everyone the volume of lovely feeling I have toward her.

Because your time on this planet is limited, you should prioritise spending it with people that motivate you to be the best version of yourself and set your hair on fire.

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