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Is It Feasible That Robbie Gould Has Homosexual Tendencies?

American professional football player Robbie Gould competes in the NFL.

He is a placekicker for the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL right now.

He had previously played for teams like the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants in professional football.

Gould began playing college football at a relatively young age for the Penn State Nittany Lions football team.

But before he became wholly committed to playing football, he participated in several other sports.

He spent the next ten years playing for the Chicago Bears in the NFL after going undrafted in the 2005 NFL draught.

He accomplished a lot and broke several records while he was there, including becoming the franchise’s all-time leading scorer.

The retired NFL player is still active and healthy.

More intriguing is the way he plays aggressive football, constantly bothering the opposition with his persistent tries.

Gould has already accomplished a lot while playing football, but he has never won the NFL championship.

He still desires to play football as long as his team will let him, even though many have begun to discuss his retirement.

He does, however, already have a few plans for his later years.

Robert previously commented that he always had a thing for running a business; as a result, he might one day own his own company, work as a radio jockey in a radio station, or co-host the ESPN100 radio show. The unknown!

Anyway, let’s learn more about one of the best placekickers, his personal history, family, and extensive NFL career.

Here are some basic facts about Robbie Gould, though, before getting into the specifics.

Is Robbie Gould Gay?

It is possible to determine Robbie Gould’s sexual orientation at this point; this includes providing an answer to the question of whether or not he thinks of himself as being gay.


There is a chance that the particulars of his sexual orientation will, at some point, be brought to the attention of the general public. This could happen at any time.

Personal Life, Family & Education

Robbie Gould was born to Robert Gould and Cheryl Gould on December 6, 1662. Robert, his father, played soccer.

Their younger brother of Robbie was born in 1985.

Former professional football player and current assistant coach for the Denver Broncos, Chris, is his brother.

He had guided Lock Haven University to a Division II national championship while still an undergraduate.

In the 1980s, he also played professional soccer for the St. Louis Steamers.

Robbie enrolled in Central Mountain High School after moving to Pennsylvania as a child.

He became heavily active in extracurricular activities in addition to his education.

In sports competitions, he had exceptional athletic prowess, particularly in soccer, football, basketball, and track.

Gould, who was greatly influenced by his father, had a keen interest in American soccer and played it throughout his high school career.

But he changed his mind and chose football after moving to Penn State University.

Robbie also completed his education, graduating from Penn State University with a degree in business management.

Robbie Gould Career

In 2001, Robbie Gould enrolled at Penn State. At first, he had no specific plans for pursuing a career in sports.

Robbie decided to specialise in business management and dedicated a lot of time to his studies.

He did, however, play some soccer and was intrigued by it. Soon after, Gould lost interest in soccer and eventually turned to football.

At first, the college football coaches did not believe in him and gave him very little playing time.


So, he asked Joe Paterno, the Penn State Nittany Lions’ then-head football coach, to provide a letter of recommendation on his behalf from the principal of his high school.

He was soon extended a regular playing contract by the Nittany Lion’s head coach.

But regrettably, his college career was not very successful. With a field goal percentage of 63.9, he could only make 39 out of 61 attempts.

He received his college diploma in 2004, and the following year he made his NFL draught declaration.

He was anticipated to be undrafted in the 2005 NFL draught due to his lacklustre college performance.

Gould was nevertheless signed by the New England Patriots ahead of the 2005 NFL preseason.

He signed a new contract with the Baltimore Ravens that same year before they terminated him.

Sadly, the club did not show much interest in him, and three weeks later they released him.

He took a hiatus from football after that and started working for M&R Contracting in Pennsylvania before joining the Chicago Bears in the NFL.

The Chicago Bears acquired Robbie on October 8, 2005.

A week later, in a game against the Cleveland Browns, he scored his first NFL goal.

They did, however, drop the game. He scored his first game-winning goal against the New Orleans Saints much later, in Week 9.

He had a 77% field goal percentage at the end of his rookie campaign.

With 26 straight field goals made in his second NFL season, Robbie made significant growth and performed admirably.

He surpassed Kevin Butler’s previous mark for most field goals with this.

He also received other awards, and the NFL’s Pro Bowl kicker for 2007 was chosen by the league’s fans.

He was selected for the 2006 All-Pro Team by the Associated Press.

Furthermore, he had a high goal attempt percentage (86.11%) towards the end of the 2007 campaign.

After then, Robbie played in every NFL game for the Chicago Bears and consistently performed admirably until 2011.

His statistics continued to improve over time, and the underwhelming college performance became the Bears’ most adored athlete.

But in 2012, he sustained a calf injury and was forced to take almost a year off.

He made a comeback the following season and kicked the longest field goal for the Bears against the Cincinnati Bengals in the season’s opening contest.

He renewed his four-year deal with the squad on December 13.

He also scored 1000 points in 2013, becoming the second player in Chicago history to do so.

2014 saw Robbie play in 12 games for the Bears, making 9 of his 12 field goal attempts.

He was forced to take it easy after hurting his quad.

He returned to the team in 2015, and with 1118 points, he surpassed all previous scorers for the Bears.

On October 20, 2016, he signed with the New York Giants after the Chicago Bulls finally released him.

On October 23, during a game against the Los Angeles Rams, he made his first field goal.

On November 20, he faced off against the Chicago Bears, and he even made a 46-yard field goal.

Gould put in a standout performance for the Giants, scoring on 10 of his 14 field-goal attempts.

However, following the 2016 campaign, the team released him.

For the 2017 NFL season, Robbie Gould signed a two-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers.

In his first game, he kicked a field goal from 44 yards against the Carolina Panthers.

Sadly, they accepted a humiliating loss. He nevertheless enjoyed a fantastic first season with his new team.

Gould even became the first 49ers player to score six field goals after 1996 when he made them in a game against the Tennessee Titans.

He maintained his strong performance throughout the 2018 campaign. He planned to leave the 49ers heading into the 2019 campaign, but the team countered with a four-year, $19 million contract extension, to which he agreed.

In the next 2021 season, he sustained a groyne injury, took considerable time out, and then made a November 6 comeback.

He took over punting duties when team punter Mitch Wisnowsky became injured and performed admirably in that capacity as well.

As a result, he received the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week award.

Awards & Achievements

The seasoned athlete has won numerous awards and achievements throughout a long career that has lasted more than 15 years.

Among his accomplishments are:

Super Bowl (2006)

Initial All-Pro team (2006)

100 all-time greatest bears

All-Pro second team (2017)

NFC Player of the Month for Special Teams (December 2008)

Ed Block Award for Courage (2016).

How Many Years Has Robbie Gould Been in the NFL?

Gould has spent almost 16 years in the NFL.


In his lengthy career, he spent a decade playing for the Chicago Bears until departing the team as a legend in 2016. He has been a 49ers player for the last four years.

What Happened to Robbie Gould?

Robbie Gould sustained a groyne injury during the game against the Seahawks in October of last year. After a brief period of rest, he went back to the ground.

On January 22, he defeated the Green Bay Packers in the ongoing NFC divisional playoff game by kicking the game-winning field goal.

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Regarding engagement on social media platforms, Robbie Gould is a very upbeat and sociable individual. On Twitter and Instagram, he is most active.

He also has a Facebook account, though he uses it much less frequently.

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