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Microsoft Brings Back Task Manager Shortcut to Windows 11 Taskbar

Microsoft has at long last relocated the Task Manager to its proper location on the Windows taskbar, where it properly belongs. After installing Preview Build 25211, users who are subscribed to the Dev Channel of Windows Insider updates will notice a new option when they right-click the Taskbar.

This option will allow these users to swiftly call up the Task Manager and perform other tasks. Although this is not the only new feature that will be rolled out with the most recent update, it is without a doubt the most stunning.

Fixes for bugs are included with this build as well; however, users should be aware of a few rough spots in the system. This specific update has only been rolled out via the Dev Channel, therefore Windows Insider users who utilize the Beta Channel or Release Preview build of Windows should not be impacted by it.

Here Are the More Substantial Updates Rolled out In Preview Build 25211:

Adjustments can now be made to the behaviors displayed on the Widgets board. You now have the ability to decide whether or not the Widgets board will open when you hover over it, whether or not the taskbar will display notification badges for Widgets, and whether or not the taskbar will display rotating updates from your Widgets.

Be quiet my beating heart! The Task Manager may now be accessed by right-clicking anywhere on the taskbar.

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The new features are accompanied by a number of bug patches as well; however, there is a standard disclaimer attached to all of this. On computers that have this update installed, it will be impossible to uninstall or repair Win32 applications that have dependencies on other programs.

Simply put, this indicates that you won’t be able to delete a significant number of games because they are dependent on the Steam client or Steam itself. However, Windows Insider builds tend to include quite a few instances of this fault, so there is no need to get too worked up about it just yet.

Since the Microsoft Store started accepting native Win32 programs, it has been increasingly popular among software developers that desire more customization and control over their applications.

Previously, this demographic was limited to game developers. Because the number of games and apps that are dependent on Win32 is only growing, the limits of this build are becoming an increasing source of frustration.

Microsoft has always warned that the upgrades it releases through its Dev Channel are frequently quite unstable and can have a rough appearance.

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Even while the ability to call up the taskbar without using ctrl+alt+delete to get there is enticing, we would not recommend installing this update just yet because it can be difficult to roll back Windows Insider upgrades without also damaging key applications or documents.

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