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House of The Dragon Episode 7 Ending Explained: Know More!

House of the Dragon always manages to end an episode with a huge surprise. Episode 7 marked a turning point in the Dance of Dragons because it established many important elements for the show’s future.

The burial for Laena Velaryon (Nanna Blondell) brings the Velaryon clan together in Driftmark. Viserys (Paddy Considine) and Alicent (Olivia Cooke) are there, as well as the newly minted Lord Larys Strong (Matthew Needham) and the re-minted Hand of the King, Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans).

The Velaryons, including Rheanys (Eve Best) and Corlys, welcome Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy), Laenor (John Macmillan), and their two older boys (Steve Toussaint). Matt Smith’s Daemon has returned from Pentos with Laena’s body and his two daughters. A decade may have passed since some of the attendees last saw each other, so understandably, tensions and emotions are running high.

Rhaenyra’s reunion with her uncle Daemon, the legality of her offspring, and the differentiation between the Blacks and the Greens are the primary plot points of this episode. After years apart, Rhaenyra and Daemon reconcile and eventually get married. But there is one thing standing in their way, and that is her husband, so they must deal with him first.

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‘House of The Dragon’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Is Laenor Dead or Alive? What Happened Between Rhaenyra and Daemon?

That flame was reignited when Rhaenyra met Daemon again. She realized she had to give up the lie that her sons were actually descended from the Velaryon race if she wanted to have any hope of a normal life for herself and them.

house of the dragon episode 7 ending explained Ser Harwin Strong’s paternity was widely known, and Rhaenyra felt compelled to shield her children at any cost. After the disaster in which Aemond lost an eye, it was obvious that the struggle would no longer be fought in secret. When it came to her safety, she knew Laenor couldn’t be relied upon.

He was a decent human being, yet he had completely different values. He lost his sister, and word had gotten out about his connection to Ser Qarl. Rhaenyra gave in to her urges and had an intimate encounter with her uncle Daemon. Vhagar hovered overhead blowing the trumpet for battle while they made love.

Daemon’s bride-to-be insisted that they tie the knot, convinced that she could reason with oblivious Laenor. Laenor, though, was bewailing the fact that he wished he could wipe his conscience clean of all the sorrow and guilt he felt. In his visit to Rhaenyra, he assured her that he would make a decent husband and a supportive father to their sons (graciously enough, he always referred to the Strong boys as his own sons).

He was completely sincere when he promised Rhaenyra that he would abandon Ser Qarl and join her. Rhaenyra understood that there were other motivations for her marriage to Daemon despite her gratitude for his intentions and willingness to make a sacrifice.

For one, she was deeply in love with him; for another, she understood she needed to solidify her position as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Daemon and Rhaenyra, therefore, come up with a scheme, the results of which they are well aware will be horrifying. Only if Laenor were to die would Rhaenyra be able to marry Daemon.

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Though fire may trap a person inside, she understood that water was always the key to freedom. It was Daemon and Rhaenyra’s plan to stage Laenor Velaryon’s death. The heir to the seat of Driftmark was expected to approve of the idea because it would allow him to leave behind his pompous lifestyle and free himself from the expectations of others.

In a talk with Ser Qarl, Daemon explained the situation. He explained to him that there are some communities in which one’s name is irrelevant. He encouraged him to go away with Laenor and begin his life the way he had always envisioned it. When Qarl finally entered Lord Corlys’ hall, he attacked Laenor.

However, the attack was really a diversion. Daemon murdered an enlisted man and dumped his body in Corlys’s common room. Fortunately, Laenor and Qarl managed to get away. By cutting off his hair, Laenor was cutting off all ties to the Velaryon family.

After finding his kid’s burnt remains in the hallway, Corlys was convinced that his son had been murdered. Because of that presumption, Rhaenyra and Daemon might get married. They took a blood oath and marriage vows.

Their kids were there for the wedding because they were all on the cusp of something new in their lives. Together, Daemon and Rhaenyra resolved to burn their fires. As so, it marked a turning point in Kings Landing’s past.

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A new age had begun, something Viserys had long feared. His own family had split in two, and each side was eager to spill blood.

The only thing stopping them from going to fight with each other to the death was undoubtedly Viserys. But everyone knows that the inevitable outcome was just around the corner and that both groups’ latent lunacy would be released.

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