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Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip for Personal Computer

Signify recently unveiled a slew of innovative Philips Hue items, all of which contribute to a more minimal and contemporary aesthetic in any space. Smaller versions of the well-liked Philips Hue Lightstrip are now on the market for use with computer screens. Then, there are three new Lightguide bulbs and a Downlight designed for low ceilings.

In my opinion, the most interesting new Philips Hue product is the Play Gradient Lightstrip for PCs, which is both attractive and convenient because it does not call for the sync box. Additionally, the business has stated that the Sync mobile app for the sync box would be merged into the main Hue app later on in 2018.

The new Philips Hue gradient Lightstrip is more expensive than competing products like the Govee monitor lights, but it promises to provide the best lighting experience for PC gamers. It provides a smooth color gradation of deep, vivid hues that may be adjusted on the fly. In addition, the sync box controller is no longer something you have to keep under wraps.

The Play gradient light strip for PC, which features a 45-degree mounting sleeve for hassle-free installation, will shine brightly behind your display and bounce colorfully off the wall. Anyone in the market for a top-tier gaming experience should pick one of them up.

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The new light strip comes in a variety of sizes and price ranges, with the smallest being a 24/27-inch model at $169.99, the largest being a 32/34-inch model at $189.99, and the most expensive being a 24/27-inch model with three monitors for $279.99. On Wednesday, September 13th, you’ll be able to read all three strips.

Hue Lightguide bulbs, for example, feature an updated filament that allows for a more attractive and powerful light output. These bulbs come in several attractive forms, including a huge globe, an ellipse, and a triangle, and they have the capability to disperse any color of light. These will be on sale in the fourth quarter for about $80, and their intention was to be shown without a lampshade.

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The new Philips Hue Slim Downlight is ideal for places where a regular smart bulb wouldn’t fit, such as in tight quarters or low ceilings. The canless design allows for installation in tight spaces, bringing you multicolored illumination previously unattainable. The Downlight packs 1200 lumens of brightness into a compact design, making it suitable for use in virtually any indoor setting.

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