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House of Dragons Episode 8 Ending Explained: Get More Information!

This past week saw the occurrence of several pivotal events that would ultimately result in the Dance of the Dragons. As the second son of King Viserys and Queen Alicent Hightower, Aemond Targaryen was able to form an unbreakable link with the most incredible dragon in Westeros.

Rhaenyra, for her part, tied the knot with Daemon in a union that will further bolster her claim to the throne. Nonetheless, things have changed dramatically this week. If you want to know how Episode 8 of House of the Dragon ended and what happened, read this.

‘House of The Dragon’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – Does Alicent Know About Aegon’s Dream? Is King Viserys Dead?

Viserys, King of The Viserian Empire, Planned a Family Dinner. a Sense of Unity and Contentment Inside the Group Was Still Important to Him. He Was Obviously Behaving Irrational, but He Refused to Accept the Truth. at Dinner, Rhaenyra Chose to Put Others Before Herself. She Expressed Her Appreciation to The Monarch by Doing So.

Alicent Was Admired for Being a Devoted Wife and For Standing with Her Father Through His Successes and Failures. Rhaenyra Believed What She Was Saying. She Wasn’t Acting for The Sake of Getting What She Wanted. She Inspired Alicent to agree that She Would Make a Great Queen.

It Showed that She Was Prepared for Rhaenyra to Succeed Viserys as Ruler of The Seven Kingdoms and The Iron Throne. the Older Generation May Have Wished the Fighting to Stop, but The Younger Generation Had Already Been Poisoned by It.

That Was Especially True of Aemond, Who Was in No Mood for Peace. when Lucerys Made Jokes About the Pork on His Plate, He Became Irritated. Perhaps This Made Aemond Think of The Time His Cousin Had Insulted Him by Handing Him a Pig and Told Him to Ride It Because He Didn’t Have Any Dragons.

He Would Never Forgive Himself for The Way He Had Been Humiliated, so He Set out To Avenge Himself. the Sons of Rhaenyra, He Said, Are Clever and Strong. the Pun Was Fully Intended There. the Situation Was Aggravated, and Once Again, the Children Erupted Into a Vicious Brawl.

Aemond Was Willing to Challenge Anyone in A Position of Authority and Was Likely Not Afraid of Anyone Other than Daemon. Since Daemon Was in His Way, He Abandoned the Fight.

He Knew What the Targaryen Prince Was Capable Of. Alicent Was Informed by Rhaenyra that She Was Leaving the Children at Dragonstone and Heading Back to King’s Landing.

house of dragons episode 8 ending explained

Although Aemond Had Caused a Commotion, It Seemed as Though Everything Would Return to Normal and King’s Landing Would Be Spared the Fury of A Civil War. However, the Tide Changed Again Later that Day.

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When Alicent Went to See how Viserys Was Doing, He Overheard Him Murmuring Something About a Dream He Had of Aegon the Conqueror. Viseyrs Was Basically Responding to A Query Posed by Rhaenyra.

He Was in An Inebriated State, and That Is Why He Felt that It Was Rhaenyra and Not Alicent Who Was Seated Next to Him. He claimed that He Did Believe in The Prophecy of Aegon, I.E., “the Song of Ice and Fire.”

He claimed that When the Time Comes, a Targaryen King or Queen Will Unify the Realm Against the Darkness that Will Rise in The North. Alicent Didn’t Comprehend What He Was Saying. He Was Speaking to Aegon I Targaryen, but she thought he was addressing their son, Aegon Ii.

Alicent Misinterpreted the Whole Thing. She Misunderstood Aegon’s Vision and Assumed the Sick King Was Talking About Making Their Son King. Her Entire Drive Structure Shifted as A Result. Now She No Longer Considered that Rhaenyra Was the Legitimate Heir to The Iron Throne.

Due to The Confusion, Alicent, the Faithful Woman that She Was, Thought the King Wanted Aegon to Be His Successor. Viserys Took His Last Breath and Ended His Torment. the King May Have Died, but His Final Words only Served to Reignite the Fighting and Undo All of His Progress. Those Murmured Words May Have Ruined Everything He Believed In.

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The Great Misunderstanding that Was Created in The Eighth Episode of “house of The Dragon” Comes to A Close. in The Ninth Episode of “house of The Dragon,” Alicent Finally Comes to Think that She Is Doing the Right Thing, Leading Her to Launch a War of Succession (dance of The Dragon), as Teased in The Program’s Trailer.

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