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How Screenshots Became the Default Way to Share and Save Everything

Now when you take a screenshot on Twitter, you’ll be prompted to share the tweet instead. Twitter, I wish you the best of success with it. It’s partly Twitter’s fault that screenshots have become the de facto currency of social networks and micro-publishing sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Sharing isn’t always easy, and it always comes with the standard internet baggage like tracking and privacy concerns. How did screenshots come to be the standard method of online content distribution?

“Comparable to the ease of storing an image. There is no need to select a save location using the ‘right-click menu. It’s also easier and doesn’t need you to stop what you’re doing to look for photographs to use in your mood board “Nuria Gregori, a professional fashion stylist and heavy consumer of screenshots, told Lifewire about her practice.

And some programs, like Instagram, don’t even allow you to save the photographs you take.


What the Heck, Let’s All Just Go Ahead and Share a Tweet from The Twitter Website. I’m Accessing It from An I Phone, but The Web Interface Is Universal. to Access the Menu, First Tap the Little Share Icon (a Bracket Character Flipped 90 with An Upward-Pointing Arrow Above It).

One Option Is to Use a Messaging App to Relay the Message. in Addition, You Can Share a Tweet “via…” by Copying a Link to It.

If You Select “through…”, Your iPhone’s Native Share Sheet Will Appear. After Three Touches, We’re Still Learning Our Way Around the Menu Structure. Keep in Mind that You Will Need to Read a List, Understand the Function of Each Choice, Make a Decision, and Then Tap at Every Stage of This Process. that Requires a Lot of Mental Effort.

Exactly how Do You Plan on Distributing Pictures? Even if It’s Simply to Save Them. on I Os, You Can Usually Long-Press a Photo to Save It to Your Gallery. Instagram, Along with Other Sites, Prevents This. but You Can’t Find out Unless You Give It a Shot. Additionally, if The Option to Save Photos Is Available, You’ll Still Have to Use the iPhone’s Cumbersome Long-Press Ui.


Everything in The Link Following the Question Mark Is Unnecessary for Sharing. a Lot More Information Is Made Available Through This Link than Through the Equivalent on Twitter. Inside the App, We Can View the Full Chain of Sharing Activity, Including Who Shared It and How.

Metadata Can Be Removed from Images by Taking a Screenshot, Which Will Hide Your Location, Camera Model, and Capture Time. This Is the Last Step I Take Before Uploading Images to Online Classifieds.

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The Simple Screenshot

All of These Issues Can Be Avoided by Using a Screenshot. Once You Know the Button Combination, It’s Instant and Doesn’t Put a Strain on Your Brain. a Screenshot Can Be Taken with The Push of A Button. It’s Possible on A Wide Range of Devices, from Android and iPhone to Mac and Apple Watch and even Kindle.

Screenshots Are Simple to Save. It’s so simple that Some Apps Can Now Tell When You Take a Picture with Them. a Blank Screen May Theoretically Be Displayed by An App in Response. While that May Be Ok for Some Platforms, It’s Clearly Not Twitter or Instagram.

Nerd Sean Jw Said in An Ars Technica Comment Thread, “[a]n Application Can Be Aware You’ve Made a Screen Capture; It Can Even Prohibit It.” for instance, “Snapchat Alerts the Other User You’ve Taken a Screenshot of The Conversation,” Which Is Useful if You Believe the Communication Will Disappear Soon.

Much Simpler than Storing an Image. There Is No Need to Select a Save Location Using the ‘right Click’ Menu.

Improved Tools Exist for Working with Screenshots.

Images with Text in Them Can Be Searched and The Text Can Be Copied on Apple Devices. in addition to The Searchable Text, You Also Receive a Visual Representation of The Original Message Thread, Which Makes Screenshots of WhatsApp and iMessage Chats Even More Valuable.

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Twitter May Be Upset that We Are Taking Screenshots and So Denying It the Divine Right to profit from the original tweets, but if it doesn’t make sharing as simple as clicking a few buttons, it will lose this battle.

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