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Meta Quest Pro Is Here to Improve VR and Empty Your Bank Account

With the announcement of the Meta Quest Pro headset’s release date, price, and features, Mark Zuckerberg and Meta have entered the virtual reality market.

The virtual event Meta Connect took place, where the business fielded questions on the Project Cambria headgear. This is an expensive piece of equipment designed for professionals and serious artists. The Meta Quest Pro’s base price of $1,500 is roughly four times that of the Quest 2.

For serious VR users, the significant price increase may be justified by the new headset’s plethora of virtual improvements. When compared to the Quest 2, the Quest Pro’s unique Qualcomm Snapdragon XR chipset provides almost double the processing capability and features improved heat dissipation for overclocking and other similar tasks.

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When it comes to virtual reality, the visuals are just as essential as the processor, and this beast has plenty of lenses. More than a third more pixels per inch (PPI) and a seventy-five percent increase, in contrast, are achieved thanks to the newly developed pancake lenses compared to the Quest 2.

The lenses included with the Quest 2 are thicker and more protective than those included with this technology, yet they are still thinner by about 40 percent thanks to this innovation.

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Meta Quest Pro Is Here to Improve VR and Empty Your Bank Account

The headset’s array of high-resolution sensors can take images with four times the pixel count of the Quest 2 and, happily, retain full color. Your Meta avatars’ facial expressions and reactions in social situations can now be captured in all their natural glory with the help of these cameras.

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Its controllers are more comfortable to hold because the O-ring is not there, and they may be customized with a pen for use when creating art in virtual reality. In this case, haptic feedback has also been upgraded significantly, with “true touch” haptics being used to create more realistic and complex effects.

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Mixed reality (MR) is a key component of the design of this headgear, so it’s not just a VR device. As such, the Quest Pro can be used as MR glasses by just removing the front cover. When you take off the cover, you can see everything around you, and when you put it back on, you get a more conventional virtual reality experience.

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Now through October 25, you can pre-order a Meta Quest Pro and receive it as early as tomorrow. The console comes with a stylish stand that can be used to charge the headset and controllers.

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