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Chainsaw Man Chapter 106: Release Time, Location, and Other Information

Chainsaw Man fans can hardly wait to get their hands on the next installment of the series because the story is moving along at such a breakneck speed, and they simply can’t wait to continue following it.

In spite of this, there is still some time left before the release of chapter 106, after which it will be possible to read it.

Chainsaw Man is one of those manga series that has a publication schedule that is a little bit off the beaten path, as each chapter of the series is only published once every two weeks.

This makes Chainsaw Man one of those manga series that has a publication schedule that is a little bit off the beaten path.

Because of this, Chainsaw Man is considered to be one of those manga series that follows a publication schedule that is a little bit different from the norm.

In addition to a concise rundown of the prior chapter, this page will supply the fanbase with all of the release data.

In addition to that, there is going to be a condensed review of everything that was discussed in the chapter before this one.

The information that we currently have regarding the 106th chapter of the series is summarized in the following paragraphs.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 106: Release Date

As was mentioned earlier, the next chapter of this particular manga series is released somewhere in the neighborhood of once every two weeks.


On October 11, 2022, the publication of Chainsaw Man Chapter 106 is scheduled to take place.

This is because Chapter 105 was released on September 27, 2022, which is the reason for this development.

Viz Media is the place to go for readers of the series who want to catch up on the most recent chapters.

The final three chapters of the book will be the only ones to which readers will have free access.

However, customers who subscribe to Viz’s paid services have access to the company’s complete library of titles that are currently for sale.

In addition, the most recent chapters of the series can be read on Shueisha’s MangaPlus platform, which is where the series was originally published.

You won’t have to pay a dime to read any of the chapters if you download their app from either the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

The times at which Chapter 106 will be made available in each of the various regions may vary accordingly.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 106: Plot

Yoru was incensed that Asa didn’t kill Denji after Denji admitted that he was the Chainsaw Man and that Denji was left on the roof by himself.

Yoru felt that Asa should have killed Denji because Denji had admitted that he was the Chainsaw Man.

Yoru was equally enraged that Asa had chosen to spare Denji’s life.

Yoru told Asa that she wasn’t the smartest tool in the shed, but Asa was sure that he wasn’t who he claimed to be even though Yoru said she wasn’t the smartest tool in the shed.

Asa was informed by Yoru that she was not the most intelligent person in the shed.

The fact that Denji gave off the impression of being a huge fan of the Chainsaw Man contributed to her lack of belief.

It was incomprehensible to her that he could actually be that person because he appeared to be such a huge fan of the Chainsaw Man.

Yoru demanded of Asa that he continue his search for a devil so that the two of them could become members of the Devil Hunters Club.

Asa agreed to Yoru’s demand.

Asa was not interested, and she proposed instead that she and Yuko have a conversation instead.

After a brief discussion, Yoru was given space to think on her own, and Asa was given the task of formulating a plan that would unearth the identity of the Chainsaw Man.

During this time, Asa entertained the thought that it might be possible to domesticate Yoru.

As time went on, Asa eventually met Yuko, and Yuko revealed to Asa that in order to meet new people and make new friends, she had started reading self-help books. Asa found this information to be very interesting.


The revelations that Yuko made later on in the chapter completely shocked Asa, who had been expecting something completely different.

Yuko admitted that she had been responsible for the death of a man who was gambling away his welfare money at a pachinko machine.

Yuko’s victim was a gambler. In addition to that, she stated that the deceased individual was located in her own backyard.

She continued by telling Asa that she was aware of the fact that she was responsible for the deaths of both the president of the class and her teacher.

She also informed Asa that she was aware of the fact that she was responsible for the deaths of Asa.

After that, Yuko continued on to talk about her deal with the Justice Devil and her innate ability to read people’s minds, which she had developed over the course of her life.

She warned Asa not to come to school the following day because she was going to confront Yoru, who had been picking on her for some time, and she was going to deal with the situation.

Yoru was the one who had been making fun of her.

Who is the Girl in the Last Chapter of Chainsaw Man?

To begin, her name is Makima, and she is currently the most highly ranked Devil Hunter working for the Public Safety Agency.

Her position allows her to achieve the highest possible rank.

Makima presents Denji with a choice in the very first episode between two different outcomes: either she will kill him in the manner of a Devil, or they can live together as human beings.

The decision that Makima will make is discussed in its entirety in this episode.

What happens in Volume 11 of Chainsaw Man?

In spite of the fact that Makima’s previous efforts to exert control over Chainsaw Man have not been fruitful, she has now disclosed the comprehensive nature of her schemes.


In order for Denji to have any chance of winning the match against Makima in their decisive confrontation, he will need the assistance of his other friends.

Makima is sure to do everything in his power to defeat Denji.

Makima will undoubtedly exert all of his available resources in order to achieve victory over Denji.

Taking on Makima as an opponent is sure to be difficult.

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There is a chance that hints and spoilers for Chainsaw Man chapter 106 will begin to be released on Monday of the following week, which will take place in the following week after that.

However, fans will need to exercise a great deal of patience until then because from this point forward, new chapters of the manga will only be released every other week.

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