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Chapter 69 of Spy X Family: Yor the Assassin is Back! Release Information & Storyline

The list of new releases this week includes Spy X Family Chapter 69.

The chapter that will return Yor to the main screens is this one.

She hasn’t been in the picture for many weeks at this point.

And the action she brings to the table is what fans hanker after seeing.

All they require to rejoin the narrative is a lone assignment.

The focus of the previous chapter was Anya’s poor performance in her history lecture.

But once Loid saw that Anya had lost interest in cartoons, all of his efforts were for naught.

Fans will learn about the upcoming assignment in Yor’s life in the plot that follows.

Yor needs to be capable of a lot of kills. But what these missions are will only become clear with time.

Everything you need to know about the most recent chapter is provided here.

Spy X Family Chapter theanimedaily Release Date

The release information can be provided by the theanimedaily.

This chapter will bring Yor back to the main screens.


She hasn’t been present for a number of weeks at this time.

Fans are most interested in watching the action she brings to the table.

They only need one assignment to rejoin the story.

The preceding chapter concentrated on Anya’s dismal performance in her history lesson.

All of Loid’s efforts, however, were in vain after he saw that Anya had grown disinterested in cartoons.

The plot that follows will inform viewers of Yor’s next mission.

Yor must possess a high kill count. But it won’t be known what these missions are until later.

This page contains all the information you require regarding the most recent chapter.

Spy X Family Chapter Spy X 69: Plot

The title and specifics of the forthcoming Spy X Family chapter’s story have not yet been revealed.

However, the most recent chapter will reveal a number of story arcs.

The presence of Spy X Family Chapter 69 is the first and foremost largest mystery.


This excursion can also be a brief assignment known as Chapter 68.2, just like the other ones.

Only this week could I see the solution. However, the chapter will undoubtedly place Yor in the spotlight.

The relationship she has with Damian’s mother is quite intriguing to fans.

Additionally, a scene involving the reunion of the two competing families is still to be shot.

This is the gathering that will spark fresh disputes between the adversaries and the spies.

How Many Volumes of Spy X Family Will There Be?

Since March 2019, the series has been serialised biweekly on Shueisha’s Shnen Jump+ app and website.


As of October 2022, the chapters will be collected in 10 tank-bon volumes.

Does Loid Know Yor is an Assassin? (Spoiler Alert!)

Yor is an assassin, but Loid is unaware of this because he assumed her skill in martial arts came from when she was younger.

In the manga, he may not even be aware of her true identity because he won’t likely learn it until the conclusion of Loid’s quest.

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“Short Mission 9” was the subtitle of Spy X Family Chapter 68.1.

Beginning the chapter, Loid observes that Anya returns home with a seven on her history test.

He was immediately thinking of ways to help her be a better student.

He therefore had the thought that he could teach her academic ideas using manga.

Loid carried on sketching every kind of scenario that crossed his thoughts from home to work.

To make a whole cartoon with the sketches, he invited Franky to join him as well.

The two of them eventually succeeded in creating one of the best stories they had ever read.

When Loid returned home, he informed Anya that he had obtained a copy of an unaired Spywars episode.

Anya informed her father at the end of the chapter that she was going to stop watching Spywars since she was finding the most recent episodes to be boring.

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