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Gigi Hadid is Not Gay: Here is the Clarification of Sexuality Rumours That Have Been Sparked by Her Breakup

False rumours that Gigi Hadid is gay or lesbian started to spread after Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid announced their breakup.

Let’s spend some time getting to know her.
Professional model Gigi Hadid works in the apparel sector.

She received the Vogue magazine’s 2016 “International Model of the Year” award.

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In addition, she has worked with many other businesses, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, Maybelline, Stuart Weitzman, Moschino, Fendi, and many others.

In her career, Hadid has made 35 appearances on the covers of international fashion publications.

Fans have expressed an interest in finding out more about Gigi’s sexual orientation in the wake of the revelation of her and Zayn’s breakup.

In the piece that follows, learn the reality.

Continue reading to learn Gigi Hadid’s sexual orientation.

Rumors about Zayn’s sexuality are started by his breakup following arguments.

Is Gigi Hadid Gay?

The short answer is no, Gigi is not gay.


As soon as it became public knowledge that Gigi Geller and Zayn had broken off their relationship, rumours concerning the singer’s sexual orientation began to spread across the consciousness of the general public.

In addition, these hypotheses are nothing more than idle speculations developed by members of the general public; they are not supported by any actual facts.

Is Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Still in a Relationship in 2021?

The answer to your question is no; Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are not now romantically connected with one another.

Since the year 2015, they have been in a relationship that has been on-and-off with varying degrees of success.

This pattern of behaviour began in the context of a romantic partnership.

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In spite of the fact that they are no longer together, they continue to be amazing parents to their daughter, Khai Hadid Malik, even though they are no longer together.


When we discuss Khai, it is important to note that she was born in September of the year 2020, making her one year old as of the present moment.

Why Are Zayn and Gigi Not Married?

She devoted every waking moment of her life and every ounce of her energy to him, but in the end, it was too much for her to bear and she had to walk away from the relationship.

” According to a source who discussed the matter with Entertainment Tonight, the on-again, off-again couple’s romance has, for good this time, officially come to an end.

” It is not due to a lack of affection for one another on either side of the breakup that Gigi and Zayn are no longer together.

This is not the reason for the breakup.

In spite of the fact that the two individuals had put a great deal of effort into trying to make their relationship work, in the end it was not successful.

Do Gigi and Zayn Follow Each Other?

Even now, Hadid is following Malik. The ex-member of One Direction only follows 24 people at the moment on his Instagram account, and around half of those are accounts maintained by his fans.


On September 23, at 8:30 in the morning, Zayn Malik decided to unfollow Gigi Hadid on all of his social media accounts.

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At 8:30 in the morning on the first day of September, Gigi Hadid had not yet moved on from Zayn Malik as her lover.

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Zayn and Gigi have had an on-again, off-again relationship since 2015.

At the Met Gala in New York City in 2016, they made their red carpet debut.

They frequently appeared in images together on their individual Instagram sites.

But as of 2018, they were no longer a couple.

According to rumours, Gigi was said to be seeing Tyler Cameron after her divorce from Zayn in 2018.

They were regularly pictured together, which led some people to believe they were just briefly dating.

On the other hand, Tyler and Gigi have not responded to the rumours about their relationship.

Going back to Gigi and Zayn’s relationship history, they started dating again in 2019.

She gave birth to their daughter a year later.

According to rumours, the story of Zayn allegedly assaulting Yolanda Hadid became public in October 2021.

However, other rumours claim that Gigi and Zayn had already broken up before to Yolanda’s accusations.

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