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Is It Permanently Closed? Igtools Net Alternatives, How to Get Free Igtools Followers/likes


tools was a free website that provided Instagram users with Followers and Likes. The website allowed users to get up to 10,000 Followers and 10,000 Likes per day. The website has now been shut down permanently. However, there are still some free ways to get IGTools Followers/Likes. This blog post will explore some alternative methods to get IGTools Followers/Likes for free.
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What are tools?

A tool is an online tool that helps you get more followers and likes on Instagram.
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It is a simple, fast, and easy-to-use tool. With tools, you can get accurate and active followers and likes on your photos and videos within minutes.

How to Get IGTools Followers/Likes Free

If you are looking for a way to get IGTools followers or likes for free, you have come to the right place.

Unfortunately, is no longer in operation, and there is no way to get IGTools followers or likes from that site. However, there are some alternative sites that you can use to get IGTools followers or likes for free.

One alternative site that you can use is called Gram Lauderdale. Gram Lauderdale is a social media platform that allows you to follow other users and like their posts.

You can also leave comments on other users’ posts. Gram Lauderdale is an excellent alternative to Igtools because it is still active, and you can easily find other users to follow and interact with.

Another alternative site you can use to get IGTools followers or likes for free is Fake follower checker. Fake follower checker allows you to input tany Instagram user’s username, showing you how many fake followers they have.

This is a great way to clean up your follower list and ensure that you are only following real people.
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Fake follower checker is an excellent alternative to Igtools because it is still active and provides a valuable service.

These two sites are worth checking out if you are looking for an alternative to Igtools.

tools Net Alternatives

Unfortunately, it looks like IGTools is gone for good. The site was permanently shut down on October 1st, 2019.

There are a few other options if you’re looking for alternatives to get free followers and likes on Instagram.

One option is to use an Instagram bot. Several reputable companies offer this service, such as Instagress and Mass Planner.

Another option is to buy followers and likes from a reliable source. This is usually cheaper than using a bot, but it’s essential to make sure you’re buying from a reputable source so you don’t get scammed.

Finally, you can try to grow your Instagram following organically. This takes more time and effort than the other two options, but it’s doable. Check out our blog post on how to get more Instagram followers for some tips and strategies.


There are a few alternatives to tools that you can use to get followers and likes for free.

These include: -Social Hummingbird: This site allows you to get real followers from people interested in your content.

-FollowLike: This site is an exchange platform where you can follow others and like their content to get credits, which you can use to get more followers and likes.

-AddMeFast: This site works similarly to FollowLike, but also offers other services such as views and comments.

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