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Instagram Introduces New Options for Age Verification in India: How Does It Work?

On Friday, Meta Platforms announced the launch of additional age verification options for Instagram users in India who wish to change their profile to reflect that they are at least 18 years old rather than under 18.

People will now have the ability to either employ technology that can verify their age based on a video selfie or ask other people to attest to their age on their behalf. In the past, the only way to verify someone’s age was to upload a photo of themselves holding a valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license.

The users have the ability to amend their date of birth on Instagram by validating their age using any one of the three alternatives available to them: either by shooting a video selfie, updating their ID, or requesting mutual friends to verify their age.

Instagram has stated that the new feature’s objective is to ensure that users of all ages have access to content that is suitable for their particular demographic.

In June 2022, Instagram began conducting tests of the new function for users located in the United States.

“Beginning today, we will be increasing the scope of this test to include more nations such as India and Brazil. Before the end of the year, we want to expand our operations to the United Kingdom and the European Union. As part of our efforts to make some adjustments, we’ve decided to remove Social Vouching as an option to verify age from the test,” Instagram wrote in a weblog.

The social networking platform has formed a partnership with Yoti, a business that specializes in providing age verification services online without sacrificing the users’ right to personal information.

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If a user wants to verify their age on Instagram, they can do so by uploading a video selfie, which is then sent to Yoti, which analyzes the user’s facial features to determine their age and then sends that information to Instagram.

The social vouching tool gives users the ability to inquire about their followers as to whether or not they are of legal age. It is required that the individual vouching for another user be at least 18 years old and that they not be acting in the capacity of vouching for anybody else at the time.

In order to successfully finish the process, the verification request needs to be approved by at least three followers within the next three days.

After the implementation of the new functionality, the business emphasized that users will still have the ability to demonstrate that they are of legal age by providing a photo ID. “You will still be able to submit your ID in order to verify your age with types of documentation such as a driver’s license or an identification card.

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We will check your identification to verify your age and aid in the maintenance of a secure environment inside our community. Your identification information will be safely saved on our servers, and it will be removed from our database within a month.

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