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At the RNC, Peter Thiel Made History by Declaring, “I’m Proud to Be Gay.”

In any other election, the concept of an openly gay, avowed libertarian member of Silicon Valley’s elite delivering a speech at the Republican National Convention on the same night as the nominee would seem, to put it mildly, unconventional.

However, in this election, such a person is Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel, who is running for president as a Republican.

But in this election, there is a candidate who fits this description: Peter Thiel, a millionaire from Silicon Valley who is running as a Republican for president.

In this election, however, the person in question is not merely a candidate for the Republican candidacy; rather, they are the nominee for the Republican candidacy for president.

This makes a significant difference in the context of the election.

At this point, however, it is general knowledge that the vast majority of the assertions made on this election are not true.

This includes the accusations that have been levelled at the individual in question, Peter Thiel, as a speaker.

Is Peter Thiel Gay?

On Thursday evening, Thiel made history by becoming the first person to publicly announce that he is gay while attending the Republican National Convention.


Thiel did this while he was in Cleveland, Ohio, for the RNC.

This was something he did during the RNC. Thiel is often regarded as one of the company’s original co-founders because he was the first person to sign up for a PayPal account.

Thiel asserts that “every single American possesses their very own distinct personality” (every single American possesses their very own unique personality).

“I am happy to be a gay man. The fact that I consider myself to be a Republican is something that brings me a great deal of pride to admit.

However, the fact that I was born and raised in the United States of America is the single greatest source of pride in my life.”

Peter Thiel’s Personal Life

Because he was born in Germany, Thiel possesses citizenship in that country.

1978 was the year that he finished the steps necessary to become a naturalised citizen of the United States, and 2011 was the year that he finished the steps necessary to become a citizen of New Zealand.

Both of these accomplishments were significant milestones in his life.
Thiel considers himself to be a gay man.

In October 2017, he and his long-time companion Matt Danzeisen got married in the city of Vienna, Austria. The ceremony took place in Austria.


Austria was the location of the gathering that was held there.

He has been a supporter of many different organizations, such as GOProud and the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which advocate for the rights of homosexuals.

Does Peter Thiel Have a Child?

Peter is upfront about his sexual orientation and does not have any children of his own.

Who is Peter Thiel’s Husband?

In October 2017, Thiel tied the knot with his long-term lover Matt Danzeisen in the city of Vienna, in the country of Austria.

The event was held in the country of Austria.

At the company where he works, Thiel Capital, Danzeisen is currently engaged as a portfolio manager.

When Did Peter Thiel Come Out?

In 2007, it was speculated that Thiel was gay in a piece that was published on the tech blog, Gawker.


This story was made available on the internet. As a consequence of this, Thiel’s private life became the centre of scrutiny from members of the broader public.

Thiel initially voiced his opposition to the internet media organisation, even though he would later reveal that he was a homosexual man.

Despite this, Thiel initially voiced his opposition to the internet media organisation.

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Trump’s choice for vice president, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, is a divisive figure in LGBT advocacy circles as well.

Last year, he signed a “religious freedom” bill that was widely believed to be a covert attempt to codify anti-LGBT discrimination.

Thiel, meanwhile, seems entirely unconcerned about such regulations.

He also doesn’t appear to worry about more recent laws, such as House Bill 2 in North Carolina, which is intended to prevent transgender persons from using the restrooms that are appropriate for their gender identity.

“Thconsiderableig discussion when I was young concerned how to defeat the Soviet Union. We triumphed, “On Thursday, he remarked.

“We have now been informed that the main point of contention is who gets to use which restroom.

This is a diversion from the issues that matter. Who cares?”

When word of Thiel’s intention to run as a delegate for Donald Trump in California surfaced earlier this year, it sent shockwaves through the largely Democratic Silicon Valley.

The 48-year-old has stated that he views technological advancement as the “single most significant subject” and the solution to alworld’s issues.

Contrarily, Trump has threatened to “shut up” portions of the internet in response to terrorism and has suggested boycotting Apple, the country’s largest tech firm, unless it allows the FBI to access the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino gunmen.

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