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Love is in the Air: You and I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 17 Release Date

Another well-liked manga is wanted this year by the weebs, so love is in the air! Fans of hot-shot manga will be drawn to the book You and I Are Polar Opposites because the main characters are so vivacious and reserved that it would be impossible not to fall in love with them.

The story revolves around an upbeat Suzuki who always chooses to go with the flow.

The quiet Tani, who never shies away from speaking his mind, on the other hand, is her love charm.

You should read the relatable romantic comedy, and if you do, get ready for the most recent chapter updates.

Both of the main characters are very different from one another, as the title already implies.

The narrative shows how a talkative, vivacious, and people-pleaser girl falls in love with the model student, who at first seems to be very boring but manages to make his point despite his desire not to overshare.

Suzuki has a crush on Tani at the beginning of the manga, but she is reluctant to admit it because of social pressure and the perception among her friends that she would choose someone with a similar personality.

However, as it turns out, we were able to anticipate that they would have a difficult time getting home because Tani and Suzuki run into each other after school and unintentionally touch each other’s hands.

The emotional bond that has developed since then is very apparent to us but not to them as they travel back.

Time caught up with them, though, and when they were late getting to school, Suzuki’s friends enquired as to whether or not she was dating Tani.

Flustered by the emotion, she flatly denies it, but Tani eventually walks by and overhears this.


She is devastated and believes she hurt him, but Tani tells her to put the incident behind her, obviously concerned that she is overanalyzing.

You and I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 17 Release Date

According to otakukart, on the thirty-first of October in the year 2022, the next section of the book is scheduled to be published.

The chapter will be titled “You and I are Completely Different People,” and the title will be based on the information that is presented in the chapter.

You and I Are Polar Opposites: Plot

Suzuki admits to her friends that she likes Tani, proving that even the seemingly impossible can happen with the help of your friends.

Her friends ultimately spur her on to propose to Tani.

Soon after telling him how she feels, they both discover that their relationship is one that is full of awkward and adorable moments.


The manga has not faced any backlash despite the obvious opposites attract philosophy, making the chapters innocent and wholesome to read.

There are numerous sweet moments, such as when the two characters were learning how to be a boyfriend and girlfriend and ultimately got caught.

Fans of the manga were made to love it even more by the adorable moments, chance encounters at stores, and Suzuki’s friends’ welcoming attitude toward Tani.

There haven’t been any negative characters or energies so far, and both characters have my deepest sympathies.

In fact, by attempting to comprehend boundaries and how love functions, both main characters are able to develop their relationships and personalities throughout each chapter.

Tani’s first visit to Suzuki’s home was depicted in comedic fashion in the most recent Chapter 16, which was released.

When a perfect, well-behaved guy like Tani enters the house, her normally composed mother becomes agitated and remarks on how messy Suzuki’s brother and his friends are.

During their takeout lunch, she keeps questioning Tani, who responds calmly, but Suzuki eventually feels overpowered by how her mother is acting.

As soon as they enter Suzuki’s room, it starts to rain, which makes for a romantic moment for their house date.

Suzuki starts talking about the rain because she is worried about Tani being in the room.

As soon as they try to hold hands, Suzuki’s mother interrupts them by bringing in snacks for the couple.

When Suzuki’s father enters the scene, we are once more struck by the overprotective comedy interrogation.


They soon attempt to rekindle their friendship and discuss pet names they can use for one another before returning to Tani’s house.

The chapter comes to a close with the couple enjoying a stroll in the cool fall air while pondering what lies ahead.

How to Read You and I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 17?

On MangaPlus, readers can search for the specific chapter that they are looking for to read.

On this website, visitors will not only be able to read new chapters, but they will also be able to access older ones that have been posted here in the past.

To obtain the information you require, all you have to do is perform a search on the internet utilizing the name.

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MANGA Plus began publishing Kōcha Agasawa’s You and I Are Polar Opposites (Seihantai na Kimi to Boku) manga on Sunday.

After having the first two chapters of the manga translated into English, the publishing company will make the third chapter of the manga available to read online on June 26.

The following is a synopsis of the story’s progression that can be found on MANGA Plus: Tani, a reserved boy who is able to easily speak his mind, attracts Suzuki, a vivacious girl who can’t help but follow the crowd.

Suzuki finds herself drawn to Tani, who is able to easily speak his mind.

We now have the second part of a one-shot that was very well received! A story for anyone who longs to find love and to know what it’s like to have it! This relatable and approachable romantic comedy is going to pull at your heartstrings in all the right places, and it’s going to do it in a good way!

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