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The 10 Best Liveleak Alternatives for 2022

Liveleak is one of the oldest and most popular social media platforms on the internet. But like all things, it’s not immune to change. In fact, in 2022, it may be time to consider some alternatives when it comes to sharing online. Here are ten of the most popular liveleak alternatives you may want to consider in 2022: 1. Instagram: With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is a great platform for sharing photos and videos.

It’s also relatively easy to create an account and navigate. 2. YouTube: YouTube is a giant when it comes to video sharing, with billions of views every day. You can share any type of video—from funny moments to tutorials—on this platform with ease. 3. Twitter: Twitter is perfect for breaking news and live events.

It’s also great for sharing shorter snippets of information or just talking about what’s going on in your world. 4. Pinterest: Pinterest is another great platform for visual learners. Whether you’re looking for recipes or ideas for your home, Pinterest is a great resource to check out. 5. Snapchat: Snapchat is known for its ephemeral messaging feature, which makes it


Press — Imgur: The magic of the Internet

1. Imgur is one of the most popular liveleak alternatives and offers a great platform for users to share photos and videos. With over 300 million registered users, Imgur has tons of content to choose from.

2. One great feature of Imgur is that it allows you to save images and videos using its own native file format, GIFs. This makes it easy to keep all your viral content in one place and easily share it with friends.

3. Another great feature of Imgur is that it offers user accounts with private galleries, so you can keep your photos and videos safe from prying eyes. Plus, if you sign up for an account, you can earn cool rewards like virtual gifts and points for participating in polls.

4. Finally, one thing to note about Imgur is that its content can be very graphic in nature, so be sure to only post adult-appropriate content if you plan on using this as your main liveleak alternative.

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Bring life to your websites with Giphy!

1. Giphy is a great live streaming alternative to use if you’re looking for creative content to share with your followers. You can create GIFs and share them on Liveleak, Twitter, and Facebook.

2. To start creating GIFs, open the Giphy app and click the “Create” button in the top left corner. Then, select the type of GIF you want to make and enter a title for it. Next, determine how long your GIF should be and click “Make.”

3. Once your GIF is ready, click on the “Share” button in the top right corner of the screen and post it on your preferred social media platform. You can also save it to your account so you can reuse it later.


LiveLeak, the notorious host of online beheading videos, is no more | Dazed

Liveleak is a great source for news and entertainment, but it can be addictive if you’re not careful. There are plenty of other sites that offer similar content, but with different approaches and philosophies. Here are five alternatives to try.

1. BuzzFeed Live
BuzzFeed is known for its catchy headlines and approachable writing style, which makes its Live segment particularly enjoyable. The site features a mix of news, culture, and lifestyle stories, all presented in an easily digestible format.

2. Vice News
Vice is known for its edgy reporting, and its Live feed is no exception. From breaking news to investigative documentaries, there’s something for everyone on Vice News’ Live page.

3. The Dodo
Known for its quirky animal videos, The Dodo’s Live page offers a fun alternative to traditional news sources. You’ll find everything from silly comedy shorts to in-depth interviews with interesting people.

4. RT America
RT America offers a unique perspective on current events that you won’t find on most other news sources. From coverage of controversial political issues to insightful documentaries, RT America’s Live feed has something for everyone

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The anti-politics of 'Upworthy' - POLITICO

If you’re sick of Liveleak’s recent crackdown on user submissions, there are plenty of other live streaming sites to check out. Here are five of the best:

1. Twitch
Twitch is a live streaming platform owned by that allows users to upload, view, and subscribe to streams of games, music, and other entertainment content. Twitch has gained a large following among gamers and web-video enthusiasts for its interactive features, including chat rooms and message boards where viewers can communicate with one another.

2. YouTube
YouTube was founded in 2005 by three engineers who wanted to make video sharing easy and accessible for everyone. Today, it is the world’s largest video-sharing site with over 1 billion active users commenting, sharing and voting on videos. You can find all sorts of interesting content on YouTube – from funny cat videos to educational programming – making it a great resource for everything from learning new information to finding entertaining content to share with your friends.
4. DailyMotion
DailyMotion is a video-sharing website that offers users more than just short clips of movies and TV shows; it also allows users to create their own viral videos using its editing tools. DailyMotion has over 330 million registered users who upload billions of minutes of content each month.
5. Instagram
Instagram was created in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger as a way for people to share photos with friends and family online without having to leave their


This Is What Your Favorite Websites Used To Look Like

When it comes to finding news and entertainment, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Thankfully, there are plenty of other sources you can turn to when the news isn’t sitting well with you or when you just want something different. Here are six Buzzfeed alternatives for liveleak fans that will hopefully satisfy your cravings!

1. Upworthy: Upworthy is a popular website that focuses on presenting interesting, informative, and sometimes humorous content in an accessible way. They have a wide range of topics covered, so you’re sure to find something that appeals to you.

2. ViralNova: ViralNova is another website that has a large selection of content covering a variety of topics. They also have some great features like “The Daily Dose,” which provides you with a new viral video every day.

3. CollegeHumor: CollegeHumor is know for its often irreverent humor, but they also have a lot of great original content that’s perfect for liveleak lovers who want something more than the same old videos over and over again.

4. The Dodo: The Dodo offers an interesting take on traditional news articles by featuring short videos instead of long text articles. This makes it perfect for liveleak users who want to see quick stories rather than read through lengthy pieces.

5. Caters News: Caters News offers users a mix of traditional news

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Digg: 2005-2009 by Daniel Burka on Dribbble

Digg is a social news aggregator that lets users submit, vote on, and share links to content they find online. Since its inception in 2004, Digg has helped shape the way we think about and consume news. However, there are several liveleak alternatives that offer similar features and services. Here are four of the best:

1. Reddit: Reddit is an online forum and community where users can submit, vote on, and share links to content. Subreddits (sections of the site dedicated to a particular topic) offer a customizable platform for finding and sharing content with like-minded individuals. In addition to linking out to other sites, Reddit users can also create their own blogs and submit articles for consideration by the rest of the community.

2. StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon is a web tool that allows users to stumble upon interesting websites by subscribing to certain categories or topics. When a user stumbles upon a website, StumbleUpon automatically sends them an email notification with a link to the site. The site also offers blog posts as well as articles from popular magazines and newspapers as stumbling blocks.

3. Google Reader: Google Reader was discontinued in July of 2013 but it offered many of the same features as Digg including sharing links, voting on content, and subscribing to RSS feeds for later consumption. In addition to RSS feeds, Google Reader users could also add items directly from Gmail messages or Facebook updates.

4. Twitter: Twitter is


Reddit Marketing: What is Reddit & How Can You Use It As a Marketer? - Keyhole

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet, with over 200 million active users. It’s a great resource for finding information and sharing content with others.
The main subreddit for liveleak is r/liveleakalternatives, which is where you can find all the latest alternative liveleaks. You can also browse popular alternatives from the past, or submit your own.

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Stumbleupon is a social bookmarking website where users can share and stumble upon websites. While it is one of the most popular liveleak alternatives, there are other sites that offer similar features. Here are five liveleak alternatives to try:

1. Digg: Digg is a popular site that allows users to submit links and follow others who have submitted links. It has a more editorial feel than some of the other liveleak alternatives, but it offers similar features.

2. Mixx: Mixx is another social media aggregation site that allows users to share and stumble upon articles from several different sources. It also allows users to create their own blogs, which can be interesting if you’re interested in technology or business news.

3. Reddit: Reddit is a popular site with a wide range of content, from news and politics to DIY projects and memes. While it’s not as focused on liveleak content as some of the other options, its community is strong and dense with information.

4. Stumbleupon + Google Reader = Delicious: Delicious lets you save web pages for later reading using bookmarks or RSS feeds. If you’re using Stumbleupon, adding Delicious will give you access to a wider variety of content than simply liveleak URLs.

5. Technorati: Technorati is an advanced search engine for finding new information online. It offers features for finding liveleak content as well as articles from


Tumblr: A Flexible Social Media Platform –

Tumblr is a free, microblogging website where users can create and share blogs. It has a wide variety of features, including a blog editor that makes it easy to create blogs with complex layouts and powerful features like image editing and commenting. It also has an extensive collection of templates, making it simple to create a blog with the look and feel you want. Tumblr is popular for its fun, quirky user interface and its large community of bloggers. There are many liveleak alternatives to try if you’re looking for a more serious blogging platform.

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Liveleak is an awesome site that allows users to upload, view, and share videos. However, it may soon be gone due to its legal issues. In the article below, we’ve listed some of the top liveleak alternatives that you can try in 2022 if Liveleak becomes inaccessible or too expensive. Try out some of these alternatives and see which ones work best for you!

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