Lopez Vs. Lopez: Premiere Date, Major Characters, and Supporting Cast


George Lopez is making his triumphant return to television with the premiere of his brand-new sitcom, Lopez vs. Lopez.

Throughout the course of his career, George Lopez has appeared as the main character in a variety of different episodes of television, and he is continuing this trend with the brand-new sitcom Lopez vs.

Lopez. In point of fact, this will be the first time the comedian has had his very own TV show since the eponymous George Lopez played on ABC for a total of six seasons.

The show ran from 2003 to 2008. The network that will telecast the show is NBC. (If you have a subscription to the Peacock streaming service that NBCUniversal provides, you are able to view that programme at this very moment.)

It has been decided that Lopez vs. Lopez will make its debut during the Friday comedy hour that is shown on NBC.

In addition, the third season of Young Rock will be featured during this hour; the show’s intention is to make its audience laugh as they make the transition from the workweek to the weekend.


Everything that we have learned up to this point about the Lopez vs. Lopez case is summarised in the following paragraphs.

Lopez Vs Lopez Release Date

On whattowatch, they have mentioned that it has been reported that

On Friday, November 4 at 8 o’clock (Eastern Time/Pacific Time), NBC will broadcast the first episode of Lopez vs. Lopez.

NBC is the place to go on Friday nights for some lighthearted entertainment (at least before Dateline begins), thanks to its coupling of Young Rock with Saturday Night Live.

This is in contrast to other networks, which air dramatic programmes such as SWAT and Blue Bloods (CBS) or reality shows such as Shark Tank (ABC).

Lopez Vs Lopez Cast

The character of George Lopez takes up one half of the title, and the other half of the title is portrayed by Mayan Lopez, who is actually George Lopez’s daughter.

Mayan Lopez is actually the daughter of George Lopez. At this point, the only thing that their characters will have in common with their real lives is that George and Mayan will use their real names.

Other than that, their characters won’t have much in common with them.In the beginning of his career, George Lopez was a stand-up comedian.

However, it was the success of his television series, including those titled George Lopez, Saint George, and Lopez, as well as others, that propelled him to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

Other notable roles that she has played include those in the television shows Curb Your Enthusiasm, Harley Quinn, and The Neighborhood, as well as those in the films Real Women Have Curves, Balls of Fury, and Valentine’s Day.

She has also voiced characters in the video game Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo: Reach. These are also included in other credits.

In addition to that, he was the host of his very own late-night discussion show on TBS called Lopez Tonight for a few seasons.

Mayan Lopez will be making her debut in the acting world with this significant role, despite the fact that she did appear as a special guest on an episode of George Lopez in the year 2007.

Kiran Deol, Selenis Leyva (from Orange Is the New Black), Brice Gonzalez, and Matt Shively are a few of the extra cast members that may be seen on Lopez vs. Lopez (from Players).

There will also be appearances by Laci Mosely (from the show Little Demon) and Kiran Deol (Sunnyside).

Lopez Vs Lopez Plot

The connection that George Lopez has with his daughter, or at least a fictionalised version of such a bond, serves as the primary narrative arc of the sitcom.


Both George Lopez and his daughter have starring roles in the show that they are in together.

The following is an official summary of the events that transpired during the Lopez vs. Lopez case:

“When George Lopez makes his return to primetime television, his daughter Mayan, who is also his on-screen daughter, will be there to support him during this specific appearance on television.

This crass and endearing comedy tells the story of a Latino working-class man with traditionalist beliefs who moves in with his millennial daughter.

The man’s daughter is a member of the generation known as millennials. The comical and lovable antics of the two characters are the primary emphasis of the comedy, which follows them as they try to mend their troubled relationship one argument at a time.

It’s a battle between the conventional and the contemporary, the classic and the contemporary, the old and the new, the father and the daughter, and the Lopezes.”

Where to Watch Lopez Vs Lopez?

Peacock, an online streaming service, has stated that it will make Lopez vs. Lopez accessible to its users as soon as the show is released to the general public.

As of this moment, the creators of the series have not disclosed any information regarding the upcoming release of the show or whether or not it will be renewed for a further season. Neither of these two topics have been addressed by the producers.

It is possible for viewers to get caught up on the show and watch episodes from earlier seasons by using select internet streaming sites to view episodes of George Lopez from previous seasons that have been made available and that were originally broadcast.

What to Expect From Lopez Vs Lopez?

It is anticipated that the new series Lopez Vs. Lopez will have a wide variety of sophisticated comedic references and gags.

The relationship between the father and daughter will be explored through the lens of how they navigate the ups and downs of daily life together.

The show has been said to as a comedy that focuses on the working class, and as indicated by the teaser that was recently released, the show will undoubtedly have a great deal of humorous references and gags.

The show will feature George, who will be portrayed as a once-estranged father who will be seen reconnecting with his daughter in a very dysfunctional and funny way.

While coping with all of the headaches and drama, the father-daughter duo will be shown transforming their relationship into something meaningful.

George will be making a splashy comeback, and she will be seen doling out some shockingly unorthodox parenting advice to Chance’s mother (who will be played by Brice Gonzalez).

In addition to that, he is going to direct some humorous jabs and witticisms in the direction of Mayan’s boyfriend. According to the teaser, Mayan’s lover will be called Quinten when we see him next.

Mayan and her partner Quintin were having a passionate moment in their bedroom when Mayan’s room was suddenly invaded by George.

The audience will also get a glimpse of Rosie, who just so happens to be George’s ex-wife. Rosie has not fully forgiven George, but the exes will be portrayed as being on amicable terms with one another in the show.


The forthcoming episodes will feature a range of emotions, including love, moments of humour, and dramatic situations involving the Lopez family.

Is Lopez Vs Lopez Episode Guide Revealed?

The producers of Lopez vs. Lopez have not yet distributed the episode guide for their competition series.

Peacock, an internet streaming service, will provide host to the series’s official debut after it has been finished.

It is anticipated that it will adhere to a weekly release pattern. The show will not drop all of its episodes in a single batch; rather, it will release new episodes on Fridays.

It has not yet been announced how many episodes are scheduled to be produced nor how long each episode is projected to last on average. On November 4, 2022, the first episode will be made available to the public.

Additionally, although the show is predominantly produced in the English language, it will also be made available in a number of dubbed versions in additional languages.

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Anyone with a traditional cable subscription can watch Lopez vs. Lopez live because it is broadcast on NBC, and NBC is carried by all providers.

However, even if you do not have a cable subscription, you can still watch the show with a TV antenna because it will always be available on your local NBC station.

This is due to the fact that NBC is carried by all providers. If you have made the switch to using live TV streaming services like FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, or YouTube TV, among others, you will be able to view NBC through these services.

You won’t be able to make it in time to see the concert in person? Anyone who subscribes to a service that also carries NBC is able to watch the most recent episodes of Lopez vs. Lopez on NBC.com.

These episodes are available to view in their entirety. In addition, subscribers to Peacock are given the opportunity to view the most current episodes of their favourite shows on-demand the day after they are initially shown on television.


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