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Hilary Farr Net Worth: Personal Life Experiences and Other Career Information You May Find

A Canadian interior designer, TV personality, and actor named Hilary Farr.

She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and has always had a strong artistic component to her personality. Her mother loved to travel and was skilled at interior design.

Hilary became quite interested in the subject as a result when she was a young adolescent.

Hilary also enjoyed the arts and took part in theater when she was younger. When Hilary relocated to Los Angeles and started renovating homes there, her career officially began.

She also participated in art direction and set design for several movies. In the early 1970s, she also went on a few auditions due to her love in acting. In movies like “Layout for 5 Models,” “Sex Farm,” “Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width,” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” she played modest roles.

Her primary field of employment has been interior design in nations including Australia, the UK, and the US. She has been a co-host on the reality TV program “Love It or List It” since 2008.

Hilary Farr Net Worth

A Canadian interior designer, television host, and actress with a $8 million fortune, Hilary Farr.

August 1951 saw the birth of Hilary Farr in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The television show Love It or List It, which she co-hosted with David Visentin, is what she is best known for. She oversees Hilary Farr’s Designs as its president. After relocating to Los Angeles, California, Farr began to acquire and renovate buildings.

She made appearances in the movies Layout for 5 Models, Never Mind the Quality: Feel the Width, Frustrated Wives, Stardust, Legend of the Werewolf, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, City on Fire, and The Return as an actress.

In addition to episodes of Steven and Chris, Brother vs. Brother, The Marilyn Denis Show, and other shows, she joined the cast of Love It or List It in 2008.

Hilary Farr Personal Life

On August 31, 1951, in Toronto, Canada, Hilary Farr was born as Hilary Labow.

The majority of her formative years were spent in the UK after her parents relocated to London.

Her mother loved to travel and had an artistic eye. Hilary frequently traveled with her mother, which influenced Hilary’s love in art.

She fell in love with interior design much later, though. Hilary wanted to be a ballet dancer when she was younger.

At London’s “Royal Ballet School,” she enrolled in ballet lessons. But when she turned eleven, her interests changed. By that time, she had grown interested in acting and wanted to pursue it.

While her mother worked with antique dealers at “Liberties of London,” she began performing in theater while still in school.

The historic yet gorgeous buildings in London prompted Hilary to become interested in interior design. Hilary was frequently taken by her mother to opulent ancient mansions and auction houses.

Hilary had found the career she had always wanted to pursue when her mother asked her to redecorate the interior of their old home. Ryerson University in Toronto is where she received her diploma.

She relocated to Los Angeles in the early 1970s to pursue playing opportunities in movies and television, though, as it was her first passion.

Hilary Farr Career

She relocated there to pursue performing and design careers. During her time in Los Angeles, she bought a number of properties in order to renovate and redesign them.

She worked in interior design firms and held a number of other part-time occupations throughout that time. She also started working as a set designer on movie sets and created houses that were featured in the movies.

She also went on many film auditions. In the 1972 movie “Layout for 5 Models,” she had her first acting role. She made an appearance in the 1973 movie “Sex Farm.”

She had an appearance in “Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width,” a British comedy movie, that same year. Her other well-known movies include “City on Fire,” “Legend of the Werewolf,” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” One of these, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” eventually rose to the status of cult classic.

Hilary focused on her remodeling and design profession when she was unable to secure enough quality and reputable acting work. She has experience as a designer and has worked in places like Toronto and New York.

Additionally, she has worked in the UK and Australia. Jennifer Hudson and Jenna Elfman, two well-known American stars, also asked her to design and restore their homes.

She was one of the pioneering designers who introduced house staging to Toronto.

The idea entails positioning the furniture and other items in the home to improve its aesthetic appeal.

After a disastrous divorce, she returned to Toronto in 2008. The same year, she received a request to take part in the TV program “Love It or List It.” Later, it inspired a franchise.

The show, which is still broadcast on Canadian television, centers on couples who are dissatisfied with the interiors of their homes. Two designers who also serve as the hosts give the couples suggestions for remodeling their homes.

David Visentin, the other host, is primarily a pessimist, whereas Hilary is optimistic about the potential for the homes to become lovely in the future.

One of the most viewed variety shows on Canadian television because to its distinctive programming. In 90 of the 154 episodes that have aired, Hilary has defeated David.

Although there were some doubts about the reality show’s veracity, both the cast and the producers afterwards said that it was not manufactured. The concert was broadcast in nine nations and was well-received in each one.

Throughout its tenure, the program received numerous honors. The reality television show “Love It or List It” was nominated for two “Gemini Awards” in 2010, including “Best Direction in a Reality Program or Series” and “Best Reality Program or Series.”

The creators of the show boasted that it was one of the most watched TV shows in the network’s history when the show debuted on “HGTV.”

Celebrities like Hillary Clinton, who once cited the program as her favorite TV program, also praised it. Vanna White and Julianne Moore were two more famous fans of the show.

A competitor on the show alleged that the renovation of his home was not completed properly and that the hosts of the show had not actively participated in the process, which put Hilary and the show’s organizers in the middle of a significant controversy in April 2016. The charges were denied by the network, and in April 2017 the dispute was resolved.

Additionally, Hilary made an appearance in 2010 as the host of the program “Search for the Next W Expert.”

By 2011, Hilary had gained notoriety in Canada’s entertainment industry and had made a number of TV appearances. Additionally, she received an invitation to the “Canadian International Interior Design Show,” which was held in Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton.

Additionally, she contributes frequently to “The Huffington Post” and has featured as a guest on “The Marilyn Denis Show.” In 2014, she was invited as a guest and design expert to the “Art Van Furniture” convention in Orland Park, Chicago, Illinois.

She was given the chance to rediscover her love of acting in 2016 when she was hired to play a significant part in the stage production of “Sleeping Beauty” in Toronto. She performed the play’s role of “Malignicent.”

Does Hillary Farr Have a Family?

From 1982 through 2008, Hilary was wed to TV producer Gordon Farr. They are parents to one boy. And David has been wed to Krista Visentin since 2006; the two of them have a kid.

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Are David and Hilary Friends?

Since their friendship (and lighthearted banter) has pulled in and kept viewers for more than a decade, Hilary Farr and David Visentin of HGTV’s Love It or List It have obvious on-screen chemistry.


Previously married to author and producer Gordon Farr, Hilary Farr and Gordon Farr split in 2008. She met her “Love It or List It” co-host David Visentin that same year, and there have been reports that the two have been dating. The relationship hasn’t been verified by either of them, either. She married Gordon Farr, with whom she has a son.

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