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Who is Camila Mendes Dating: Are You Really Eager to Know About Her Dating History?

It could be consoling to hear that Camila Mendes has a new boyfriend in her life if you’re still mourning the breakup of Veronica and Reggie (also known as Veggie) from Riverdale.

You best believe I double-tapped Mendes’ Instagram post when she apparently broke up with Charles Melton and started dating Grayson Vaughan over a year later.

Vaughan is not an actor like Melton, which makes sense given that Camila Mendes’ dating past is littered with unexpected suitors.

Mendes tends to avoid dating people who are also in the spotlight, despite the fact that she has no problem making her relationships known to the public.

Melton was apparently an exception to Mendes’ no-actor rule, but with Vaughan, she is back to dating someone outside of the industry, and she seems happier than ever, as she said to NYLON in a July 2018 interview, “dating people in the industry is tough,” adding, “I just really need to get out of this industry with someone who is in a stable environment.”

Here is a list of the Riverdale actor’s previous romances in case you’re unsure of who else Mendes lists among her ex-boyfriends (especially because she frequently deletes all evidence from her Instagram grid following a breakup).

Ian Wallace

It appears that Mendes and Ian Wallace, a photographer and director, dated for at least three years, despite the fact that Mendes has never discussed her relationship with Wallace in a public forum.


Mendes posted a message on Instagram in September 2016 congratulating Wallace on the completion of three years as a writer “Three years spent with this charming individual.

I am thankful for the never-ending inspiration and affection without conditions that you provide for me.

I adore you so much, Ian Wallace, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to fully appreciate how exceptional and uncommon you are.

Best wishes for another year of love!” The post has been removed from the website since then.

On the other hand, Wallace’s Instagram feed still features a number of creative photographs of Mendes, the most recent of which was published in September of 2017.

It is not certain whether or not the two were still dating at that point or exactly when they ended their relationship.

Victor Houston

In June of 2018, Mendes sparked new romance rumours when she posted an Instagram Story with Victor Houston.

Houston is said to have attended a high school in Florida that was close to Mendes’ high school and reconnected with the actor in New York City. Almost immediately after that, a source for E! News alleged that the pair had been “dating for two months.”

A month later, at the 2018 Beautycon Festival in Los Angeles, Mendes herself confirmed the relationship, telling E! News, “I can confirm, sure, I don’t care.”

After continuing their romance for a little over a month, Mendes and Houston reportedly broke up in August of 2018, putting an end to their relationship.

E! News was told by a source that Camila ended things with Victor after ComicCon because she realised that she wasn’t ready to be in this relationship anymore. This information was provided by the source.

“Victor was taken totally by surprise, and he is in a lot of pain right now.” Since then, both parties have removed all photos of the other from their respective social media profiles.

Charles Melton

Soon after rumours began to circulate that she had ended her relationship with Houston, Mendes raised eyebrows when she posted a photo on Instagram showing her spending Labor Day on a boat with other Riverdale cast members.

Everything appeared to be perfectly harmless, with the notable exception of the fact that she and Charles Melton were wrapped up in the same towel.

A month later, Mendes made their relationship public by posting a picture of her and Melton with the caption “mine.”

Over the course of the next year, the couple did a lot of travelling together and showed a lot of love to each other on Instagram.


On August 23, 2019, Mendes celebrated their one-year anniversary with a sweet Instagram post.

To our great regret, in the month of December 2019, a source for E! It was reported that the members of CM2 had parted ways, and it now appears that this split had been going on for several months at that point.

An informant revealed that the couple has decided to take a break from their romance. According to the source, the couple’s hectic schedules were a contributing factor in the decision to end their relationship.

“Their relationship escalated very quickly, and they are taking time now to focus on their work and themselves.”

The source mentioned that “they just both felt busy and overwhelmed and it was a lot of pressure on them,” later adding that the “stress” led to a lot of “ups and downs” in their relationship.

“They just both felt busy and overwhelmed and it was a lot of pressure on them,” the source said.

Grayson Vaughan

Even while it’s possible that Mendes and Grayson Vaughan started hanging out as early as February 2020 (when they were seen together during Milan Fashion Week), the singer didn’t come clean about her connection with the photographer until September of that year.

She posted a picture of them cuddling on Instagram on September 3 with the description, “that long distance sort of love,” and despite the fact that fans know almost nothing about the new romance, they are already excited about it.

I can hardly wait to find out what the future holds for these two doting lovers!

Who is Camila Mendes in a Relationship With?

The year 2018 marked the beginning of Victor Houston and Camila’s relationship, which the actress from Palm Springs confirmed to E! News during that year’s event held in Los Angeles called Beautycon.


According to a source who spoke with the publication, the two had been dating since around the month of April, and they were familiar with each other because they had attended nearby high schools in the state of Florida.

Are Charles Melton and Camila Mendes Married?

Before beginning his relationship with Wonders, Charles dated the actress Camila Mendes for more than a year before the two of them decided to stop their relationship.

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Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, and Lili Reinhart are known to be the best of friends outside of their roles as cast members on Riverdale; however, Camila just disclosed the fortuitous event that occurred not too long ago that drew the three of them even closer together.

According to one source, Camila Mendes brings in an estimated $40,000 per episode of her show.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, she is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $4 million.

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