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What Can We Expect From Demon Slayer Season 4: The Final Battle Arc?

It makes sense for anime fans to want more episodes of their favorite series. After being left on a cliffhanger, it’s always exciting to find out what happened to your favorite character.

When the show in question is the very popular Demon Slayer, this feeling gets a lot worse. The anime version of Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga series, made by Ufotable, has broken many records for how many people watched it and how much money it made.

Demon Slayer just started in 2019, and long-running series like Pokémon, Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach is very popular. Despite this, Demon Slayer has one of the biggest and most dedicated fan bases of any anime media franchise.

In Demon Slayer, Tanjirou Kamado’s story is told. After his father dies and he becomes poor, he works hard to make a good living so he can take care of his family.

On his way home from selling charcoal downtown, Tanjirou finds that a demon attack has killed everyone in his family except for his sister Nezuko. She has been changed into a demon who wants to kill people.

When Giyu Tomioka, the Demon Slayer, finds Nezuko and tries to kill her, things get even worse. But Nezuko is different from other demons because she fights her urge to kill and protects Tanjirou. This surprised him.

Demon Slayer Season 4

Tomioka spares Nezuko’s life because of how close they are, and he tells Tanjirou to find Sakonji Urokodaki. Sakonji tells Tanjirou to join the Demon Slayer Corps and kill the demon that killed his family.

The main question of the show is whether or not Tanjirou can get revenge for his family’s death and change Nezuko back into a human.

Fans of Demon Slayer know that there could be a Season 3, but they are also getting more excited about season four.

Are you a fan of Demon Slayer who can’t wait for more seasons? If so, keep reading to learn about all the latest updates and news about Demon Slayer Season 4.

Demon Slayer has a score of 8.7/10 on IMDb and is ranked #102 on MyAnimeList, which has 2.5 million users.

Demon Slayer Season 4: Release Date

Demon Slayer Season 4

The first season of Demon Slayer had 26 episodes that aired from April 6 to September 28, 2019. The show was picked up for Season 2, which was split into two parts. Part one ran from October 7 to November 28, 2021, and had seven episodes. Season 2 ran from December 5 to February 13, 2022, and had another seven episodes.

“Demon Slayer Season 3” is already being made, and it will cover the “Swordsmith Village Arc.” On February 13, 2022, two important videos with Muichiro Tokito and Mist Hashira were released.

As of this writing, neither Ufotable nor the writer has given an official update on whether or not Demon Slayer Season 4 will be renewed.

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Demon Slayer Season 4: Plot

Demon Slayer Season 4

As we’ve already said, Demon Slayer Season 3 will cover the Swordsmith Village Arc, which is the ninth arc from the manga. If season three lasts for two courses, we can assume that the tenth arc, the Hashira Training Arc, will also be covered. This means that the manga adaptation of Demon Slayer Season 4 will start with the Final Battle Arc.

The sub-arcs of the Final Battle Arc is called the Infinity Castle Arc and the Sunrise Countdown Arc.

Shinobu will fight Upper Rank 2 demon Doma, who can’t be hurt by poison, to start the Infinity Castle battle. Can she get revenge on the demon for killing her older sister?

Kyojuro Rengoku died in the battle against Akaza. Can Tanjirou get revenge for him, and will any more Hashiras die?

When Tanjirou fights Akaza in a big battle, Tanjirou’s training and new skills will be put to the test, which will be good for his character.

The battle between the Demon Slayer and Muzan is probably the one that people are most excited about in the Final Battle Arc. Even with all the explosions, Muzan can heal himself faster than anyone else, making it hard for the Demon Slayers to kill him.

Demon Slayer Cast, Characters, and Crew!

Demon Slayer Season 4

Demon Slayer is directed by Haruo Sotozaki, and the animation is made by Ufotable. The characters are made by Akira Matsushima, and Go Shiina is in charge of the music.

Below is a list of the voices and characters from Demon Slayer Season 4:

Characters Cast
 Nezuko Kamado Akari Kitō
 Zenitsu Agatsuma Hiro Shimono
 Tanjirō Kamado Natsuki Hanae
 Muzan Kibutsuji Toshihiko Seki
 Inosuke Hashibira Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
 Makomo Ai Kakuma
 Yushiro Daiki Yamashita
 Haganezuka Daisuke Namikawa
 Sakonji Urokodaki Houchu Ohtsuka
 Tamayo Maaya Sakamoto
 Genya Nobuhiko Okamoto
 Kanao Tsuyuri Reina Ueda
 Shinobu Kocho Saori Hayami
 Giyū Tomioka Takahiro Sakurai
 Kasugaigarasu Takumi Yamazaki
 Kagaya Ubuyashiki Toshiyuki Morikawa
 Sabito Yuuki Kaji

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Demon Slayer Season 4: Trailer

At the moment, there is no trailer for Demon Slayer Season 4, but you can watch the trailer for Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc below:


Even though Demon Slayer Season 4 is still a long way off, fans’ hopes and excitement make it seem like it won’t be too much longer.

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