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iPadOS 16.1 Expected to Arrive Near the End of October

On September 7, Apple released iOS 16. The iMessage app, a new Home app, improved widgets, and widgets that can be used on the lock screen are just a few of the numerous new features introduced in iOS 16.
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Despite this, there are numerous issues and flaws.

iPad 16.1 and iOS 16.1 from Apple, which addresses these problems, are slated for release soon. In spite of this, there are rumors the release will occur towards the end of the month of October.

iOS 16.1 Release Date

If the expected date of October 18 holds, Apple will issue the “release candidate” on that day. Along with the other operating systems, macOS Ventura is scheduled to be released by the firm.

Due to the holdup, the new version of iPadOS will be numbered 16.1. All iPad Pro models, iPad Air models 3rd generation and after, iPad mini models 5th generation and later, and iPad models 5th generation and later are all supported by the update.

To help manage app windows across multiple displays, Apple has made a number of enhancements to iPadOS 16, including the introduction of Stage Manager for some iPad Pro models.

iPadOS 16 is still in beta testing by Apple. Apple’s decision to reinstate the battery percentage indicator in the fifth beta version received widespread praise online. Other additions and modifications in that beta included a new Lock Screen music visualizer, a sound for finding the Apple Watch, updated screenshots, and new Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio indications.

Review the iPad Users Manual at before getting started. The book is also available for download in Apple Books (where available). Save records for later use. For more information about setting up and using your iPad, visit The book is downloadable on Apple Books as well (where available). Keeping records is essential for looking back on things.

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iOS 16.1 Beta 4 Update Is Now Available

After only a week since iOS 16.1 Beta 3, Apple has released iOS 16.1 Beta 4 to registered developers and public beta testers. The version number of Beta 4 is 20B5064c.
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You should know that the final letter of the build number is a “c,” which indicates that iOS 16.
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1 is entering its final stages.

Also, the official release of iOS 16.1 could happen shortly. Approximately 670 MB of space will be required for the upgrade.

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Fixes Bring by iOS 16 Beta 4

  1. Automation now works how it is supposed to work, unlike the iOS 16.1 Beta 2 and 3.
  2. The Airpods Pro first generation received the Adaptive Transparency toggle in Beta 3 of iOS 16.1. However, it seems like a bug because the transparency mode is only available with the second-generation Airpods Pro. And with iOS 16.1 Beta 4,  removes the toggle from the respective place.
  3. The modem firmware has been updated, and it fixes the cell connectivity issue.

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