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Who is Greg Grippo? Meet Former “Bachelorette”, Accused of Cheating “Bachelor in Paradise” Contestant Victoria Fuller!

Greg Grippo, who isn’t even on the show, is making news along with contestant Victoria Fuller as Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 comes to a close.

If the name Grippo sounds familiar, it’s because he’s a member of Bachelor Nation. He just wasn’t on this year’s cast of Bachelor in Paradise. So why are we talking about him in the first place?

Well, viewers already know that Fuller, who was a contestant on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, and Johnny DePhillipo, who was a contestant on Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette, are very much in love.

The two seem to be on track to get engaged in the finale, but since filming for Paradise ended, there have been rumours going around online that Fuller cheated on DePhillipo with Grippo. What a mess!

Who is Greg Grippo
Victoria Fuller and Johnny Dephillipo.

A well-known spoiler for Bachelor Nation Reality Steve has been spreading rumours, new information, and updates about what happened to Fuller and Grippo after they left Paradise for weeks.

There were a lot of photos and videos of Fuller and Grippo in Rome on social media. DePhillipo and his friends started leaving vague comments on Instagram. And on October 25, Finally, Steve tweeted a photo of Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy, with the message “Early this morning.”

The Bachelor in Paradise finale has a lot to talk about, so who is Greg Grippo? And do Greg and Victoria now go out together? Here’s everything you need to know about the former Bachelorette contestant who knows Bachelor in Paradise contestant Victoria Fuller.

Johnny and Victoria, Are They Still Together? The Finale of “Bachelor in Paradise” Talks About Greg Grippo’s Rumors of Cheating!

Who is Greg Grippo?  Everything You Should Know About The Former Bachelorette Contestant!

Who is Greg Grippo

Greg Grippo was a contestant on The Bachelorette Season 17 in 2021. He dated Katie Thurston, who was the show’s lead. He was in the lead and a fan favourite for most of the season, but his exit after hometown dates and before the finale was controversial.

He and Thurston got into a big fight because she didn’t tell him she loved him on their hometown date, so he quit the show in a very sad episode. Thurston said that Grippo made her feel like she was being “gaslighted,” and she has since said that she thought his behaviour was “Childish” and “Verbally Aggressive.”

After he left, Grippo got in trouble again when rumours started to spread that he was an actor who only went on the show to boost his career. But after he left The Bachelorette, he always had a friend in Andrew Spencer, a contestant on Season 17 who was also a contestant on Paradise Season 8.

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Who is Greg Grippo
Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller

Grippo is a lot more than just what he did on “The Bachelorette.” And his old 2019 ABC bio is the best place to learn more about this 29-year-old marketing sales rep from Edison, New Jersey. So you wouldn’t have to, we dug it up. (Thanks for asking!) What it says is:

Greg has everything. He’s good-looking, kind, vulnerable, and wants to get married for real. Greg is a hopeless romantic, and he thinks that a perfect first date would be something active like riding bikes, dancing, or going to a concert. Greg and his wife want to travel the world before having kids.

He says he wants at least six of them. Greg is also very close to his family, and he says that his parents taught him what #romancegoals means to him. Because of how much they love each other, the bar for what a good marriage looks like is now very high. Greg wants to find someone he can grow old with and treat like a queen, so the Bachelorette might just be swept off her feet.

The Fun Facts in Grippo’s Bio Are as Follows:

  • Greg is not ashamed to say that movies make him cry.
  • Greg hates it when other motorists move slowly.
  • Greg wants to go to a basketball game where Lebron James is playing.

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Who is Greg Grippo

During his time on The Bachelorette, Grippo also said that his dad had died in 2018. We know that he cares a lot about his family, so this wasn’t a surprise. After all, he gave Thurston a necklace made of pasta by his niece to make a good first impression.

Whether you like him or not, you can’t deny that’s cute. You can follow Grippo on Instagram, where he has 386,000 followers, to learn more about him.

We don’t think this is the last time Bachelor Nation will hear about Greg Grippo, so while we wait for more news about the DePhillipo/Fuller/Grippo chaos triangle, we might as well learn more about him.

The last episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 aired on ABC on Tuesday, November 22 at 8 p.m. ET.

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