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The Performance by Paula Abdul at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Being a celebrity can be good, very good, or give you headaches if you do something that not everyone likes, and if it gets posted on social media, it’s even worse. This happened to former “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul today at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is a tradition.

Abdul was on the Jennie-O Turkey Store float, and at one point in the parade, she did a little tap dancing. This made netizens happy and sad, and they quickly posted their thoughts about Paula’s participation.

Someone got 11 seconds of Abdul’s tap dance on video and posted it on Twitter, where people immediately had things to say for and against it.

The video was posted by user Ryan Bloomquist with the phrase: “I’m sorry, but Paula Abdul just gave one of the greatest parade performances of all time. Start with a tap break on the Jennie-O float?!?!? Let’s go!”

Responses came quickly: “Performance on a budget,” wrote one user. Another joked, “I didn’t know there was a big head filter.” “She’s making this all up,” said a third person.

Her fans responded to this by defending her against the random attacks: “Awesome,” wrote one fan. “She was great,” someone else said.


right, people on Twitter hate Paula Abdul, but she’s just out there living her best life, “helping someone else. “Good content. “Doesn’t she make it look simple? How neat! “said one person watching.

So, here’s one more parade that gives people something to talk about on social networks, where everything is magnified.

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