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Liam Payne and Kate Cassidy Were Spotted Holding Hands in London

As they made their second public appearance as a pair in London, Liam Payne went out with Kate Cassidy and attracted attention. Even though this is only their second appearance in public as a couple, they have been enjoying their romance for a while.

The Couple Made a Public Appearance for the Second Time This Year

Liam Payne showed once again on Tuesday night, when he went to London for a much-anticipated date with actress Lily Cole, that their new relationship isn’t just a fling.

Harry Styles, from the band One Direction, was seen holding hands with his new girlfriend, Kate Cassidy, just a few weeks after he made his first public appearance with the British-American influencer.

Their first show was at a Halloween party where they were dressed as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. It was at the Inca venue in central London. Still, their second performance was a bit more low-key, and they dressed up as the couple.

Liam, who was 29, wore a bright black turtleneck and black dress pants when he left Annabel’s members-only club instead of Tommy’s white cardigan and black leather pants. As he left the club with Tommy, he was dressed very well.

Liam Payne and Kate Cassidy
Liam Payne and Kate Cassidy

Adding to the formal look, he wore a black tuxedo that fit him well. At the same time, his traditional look was finished off with polished boots as he walked into the Chiltern Firehouse bar and restaurant in Marylebone. They would stay there for the next four hours, until 1:45 am.


Kate, who is 23, went out with the star the last time she wore a figure-hugging PVC outfit that showed off her slim figure and drew attention to it. As she talked to people outside the venue, the blonde unbuttoned her shirt and showed a small part of her black lace bra.

Kate and Liam Were Seen Together for the First Time During Halloween

No one knows exactly when Kate started dating the 29-year-old singer of the hit song “Strip That Down,” but they were first seen having fun together at a Halloween party.

The influencer posted a picture of the couple on Instagram. To celebrate the holiday, they were dressed up like other famous couples.

After the former couple was shown in the miniseries Pam and Tommy, Kate and Liam dressed up as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, like Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.

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