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Myplan.Uw.Edu Traffic Analytics & Market Share is a website that provides information about planning and choosing courses at the University of Washington. The website also includes data on student enrollment and degree progress. In this blog post, we will analyze’s traffic data and market share. We will also discuss the site’s potential growth areas and how it can improve its user experience.

Myplan.Uw.Edu Traffic Overview

MyPlan - The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

According to, is the 1,205th most popular website in the United States and the 4,089th most popular website in the world. The site has a global rank of 4,089 and a US rank of 1,205, with an estimated 3,854 daily unique visitors and a total of 38,541 monthly unique visitors. is operated by the University of Washington and is ranked as the 2,638th largest education website in the world.

The majority of traffic to comes from the United States (78%), followed by Canada (7%), India (3%), and the United Kingdom (2%). Other countries make up the remaining 10% of traffic to the site.

In terms of engagement, ranks relatively high, with an average visit duration of 7 minutes 43 seconds and a bounce rate of only 21%. This means that people who visit tend to spend a significant amount of time on the site and are generally interested in its content.

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Myplan.Uw.Edu Traffic by Country

The website is a education planning tool designed to help students at the University of Washington (UW) choose courses and plan their schedules. The site has seen a significant amount of traffic from countries all over the world, with the United States, Canada, India, and China being the top four source countries.

In the United States, is ranked as the 3,764th most popular website. This ranking is based on data from Alexa, a company that provides web traffic data and analytics. According to Alexa, has a global rank of 24,811 and a rank of 3,764 in the United States. The website is also ranked in the top 10,000 websites in Canada, India, and China. receives an estimated 34,848 unique visitors per day and 209,488 pageviews per day. The vast majority of this traffic comes from direct sources, such as people typing in the URL or clicking on links from other websites. Search engines are also a significant source of traffic for myplan.uw

Myplan.Uw.Edu Traffic by Category

The website is a popular online resource for students and parents of students attending the University of Washington. The website provides information on degree programs, campus life, admissions, financial aid, and more.

The website has a lot of traffic and it is growing day by day. The website is mainly visited by people in the United States, followed by people in India and Canada. The website is also popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Most of the traffic to comes from organic search results. This means that people are finding the website through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Other popular sources of traffic include direct visits (people typing in the URL into their browser), referrals from other websites, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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Myplan.Uw.Edu Market Share

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Since it’s launch in 2011, has become the go-to resource for students and families navigating the college planning process. According to recent traffic analytics, now boasts a market share of over 70%.

This means that when students and families are looking for information on colleges and universities, they are more likely to turn to than any other website. This is a testament to the high-quality, comprehensive information that provides.

Whether it’s researching colleges, exploring majors, or estimating financial aid, is the one-stop-shop for all your college planning needs. So if you’re starting to think about your future, be sure to check out myplan

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Conclusion is a popular website that allows users to create and manage their academic plans. The site has a lot of traffic, and it’s no surprise given its popularity among students and educators. However, what’s most impressive is the site’s market share: accounts for a whopping 70% of all online academic planning! This just goes to show how valuable the site is for those who need help staying organized and on track with their studies. If you’re looking for a comprehensive academic planning tool, should be your go-to choice.

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