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T.j. Holmes Cheated on Wife With “Gma” Producer Before Affair With Co-host

Before T.J. Holmes began dating his GMA 3 co-anchor Amy Robach, he had an affair with Good Morning America producer Natasha Singh, who was married at the time. This affair began in 2016 and lasted for three years.

Several sources told Page Six that the cheating couple told Robach at the time about their cheating. An insider said, “They went to Amy to talk about their affair and their marriages.”

Holmes lived in New York and Singh worked as a producer for the show from Los Angeles, so at first, they didn’t live together.

The publication says that Holmes was a GMA correspondent at the time and that he and Singh would meet up for romps while Holmes was traveling.

Singh left the show in 2018 and moved to New York, where she started working as a producer for CBS Mornings.

She is also a yoga teacher and a mediator. When that happened, she and Holmes spent even more time together. She had feelings for him. He had a key to her apartment,” said someone else in the know.

It’s also said that Holmes’s wife, Marilee Fiebig, found some emails about the affair with Singh in 2019.

T.J. Holmes
T.J. Holmes

And, as rumors about Holmes and Robach spread over the past few months, “Marilee never thought about Amy because she was still focused on Natasha. Since they were friends, she never thought he would cheat on Amy. “Amy’s daughter used to watch their daughter,” said the first source.

Holmes eventually broke up with Singh and started trying to fix things with his wife during the pandemic.

Robach, however, stayed friends with Singh, which upset Fiebig.

“She would see photos of them on Instagram, and she didn’t understand how their friend and her husband’s co-host could stay friends with the woman who tried to break up their marriage,” a third source said.

Singh’s friendship with Robach ended earlier this year, “around springtime,” they said because Amy was so close to TJ.

Fiebig didn’t start to be suspicious of Robach until the summer when the two of them began to seem “closer than colleagues.” Several people said that Holmes and Robach would meet up at odd times during the day and then go to the pub to drink.


Still, Holmes and his wife “were totally together” in August and went to the Bahamas for his birthday.

There, Fiebig found a too-personal birthday card from Robach, which “brought back the old Natasha drama.

” “She could no longer trust him,” the third person said.

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